Tech YouTuber Linus Tech Tips Built PewDiePie An Exploding Creeper Computer

Tech YouTuber Linus Tech Tips Built PewDiePie An Exploding Creeper Computer

Linus is from the Tech YouTube channel, which he started called LinusTechTips, or LTT. He is well known for creating fantastic content that shows users how to build and optimize computers as well as showing interesting PC components and parts that users may not usually notice.

Linus, in celebration of PewDiePie‘s successful Minecraft series, which has reinvigorated Minecraft YouTubers in total. PewDiePie’s Minecraft series has a sum of 49 parts and has seen a large amount of success. At Part 49, PewDiePie stated that he wouldn’t be playing Minecraft at least until there are significant updates to the game.

Although, he stopped playing the game right before the Nether Update, which significantly changed the Nether dimension.

This means that with maybe two more updates, players could see PewDiePie return to see Sven and Jorgen and go on brand new adventures in the new and exciting biomes in the Nether.

Linus created a video that showcased how he build this fantastic creation, and you can check out the full video here. He states how they build this creation in complete secrecy not only to keep the surprise but also to ensure they would be able to deliver on an exploding creeper PC.

This PC doesn’t just have a case that looks like a creeper; the head is mounted to a spring which can be ‘exploded’ out to simulate the creeper explosion in which they are well known for. Linus packed this PC with high-end equipment and sent it to PewDiePie fully assembled and ready to play some Minecraft.

PewDiePie showcased opening and being overjoyed at this large creeper PC, he showed bringing it up to the office and it joining floor gang with him. Sadly, during transit between Linus and PewDiePie, the computer got damaged and will need a bit of repair before its able to be used.

PewDiePie uploaded his video showing the PC being brought to his office back in April, which can be seen here.

Luckily PewDiePie stated, “I know how to fix computers.” Meaning that when PewDiePie does eventually return for new adventures in his Minecraft world, he could be playing on the Creeper PC!

The Minecraft Creeper PC looks fantastic, having metal siding attached through the use of magnets, which will allow Felix the ability to open the siding perform the now needed maintenance on this excellent PC system.