Ezra Miller Has Met With Warner Brothers In Order Prevent The Flash Movie From Getting Scrapped Say Reports

Both Ezra Miller and his solo Flash film have been a cause of much tension for the DCEU and Warner Brothers . The film’s development was incredibly problematic as the project was officially approved sometime around 2014 but it didn’t actually get a firm team together till 2019 and didn’t actually begin filming till 2020. The project kept undergoing changes in directors multiple times until it was handed to Andy Muschietti. However, once the filming began, the hype for the film quickly picked up as news started reaching fans that the film will be exploring a multiversal realm and different versions of the same characters can be expected on screen such as various versions of flash and even various versions of Batman.

it was revealed that both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton would be bringing their own respective versions of batman to the screen in the Flash movie. There were also rumors of Super Girl being introduced in the film. Hence, the movie had a lot of expectations attached to it. But then began Warner Brothers’ second problem; Ezra Miller’s bad publicity.

Ezra Miller has been the subject of much controversy as of late with news coming in every now and then that the actor has been involved in some kind of legal trouble. At first, the news came in that the actor assaulted someone, which was followed by the news that Ezra had influenced a young person through violence and drugs in a cult-like manner, and the latest news was Ezra had broken into someone’s home and stolen some items.

Ezra has recently come forward and apologized for his behavior and said that he will be getting help for some serious mental health issues. However, fans were still in doubt whether the Flash movie would survive so much bad publicity, especially since it has recently been revealed by Warner Brothers that scrapping movies is an option that’s on the table due to their scrapping of the Bat Girl film.

In the latest reports from THR however, it has been revealed that Ezra Miller met with co-chairs of Warner Bros. Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy on Wednesday after Miller learned that the cancellation of The Flash was evident. According to THR, Miller has assured his dedication to The Flash film and has apologized for his behavior as of late.

Miller’s dedication comes in rather late but can well-collaborated marketing between Miller and Warner Brothers be enough to save The Flash? Only time will tell.