T-Pain Clarifies His Remarks On Travis Scott Relationship After Saying He Was ‘Ghosted’

T-Pain Clarifies His Remarks On Travis Scott Relationship After Saying He Was ‘Ghosted’

Earlier this week, T-Pain told the story of the time Travis Scott fell asleep in his recording studio after Pain rented out $500/per-day speakers to serve Scott’s artistic needs.

There’s no question that being a performing artist is a tiring life, including recording, touring, and trying to live a normal life. As it was previously reported, T-Pain recalled the time he and Scott wanted to work together but it didn’t end up panning out the way he had hoped.

According to T-Pain, he and Scott were in the studio together working on some new beats, and the artist showed him a few different tracks from the 2018 record, Astroworld, that hadn’t been released at the time. T-Pain claims he turned around at one point and saw that Scott and his team had fallen asleep.

Moreover, T-Pain claims Travis managed to fall asleep standing up – an impressive feat, no doubt. When fans came for Travis Scott on Twitter, T-Pain backed him up and claimed there were times when everyone gets tired.

He stated it wasn’t all that “serious,” and such a thing happens to people all of the time, especially when working late nights. Even though there is hardly any feud between them, fans online have reportedly been trying to start a beef where there isn’t one.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, T-Pain told the story first earlier this week. The producer, who arguably was the first to popularize the auto-tune feature, claimed he had rented out extremely expensive speakers to work with, but Scott and his team never came back for the second session.

The artist insinuated that he had been ghosted, but there were no hard feelings between them at all. As it was just noted, T-Pain has been credited as the artist who first brought auto-tune as a technique to the mainstream.

Since then, many other performing artists have begun using it in the same way, especially Travis Scott. For instance, Scott’s hit song, “Stargazer,” utilizes the feature. Of course, Scott has become one of the biggest artists in the game.