Rogue Company Just Entered Early Access On The Epic Games Store

Rogue Company Just Entered Early Access On The Epic Games Store

There are a ton of competitive shooters available to play today. You have some of the classics like Overwatch and Counter Strike and then you have some new blood in Valorant. All of these games have their own take on the genre. You can add Rogue Company to the growing list.

This multiplayer third-person shooter from First Watch Games is now available in Early Access via the Epic Games Store. Like a lot of others in this space, players will get to select from several elite agents of Rogue Company. Each one has a unique set of skills.

That’s a very important element right out of the gate. Fans of this genre want a lot of options starting off, whether they like to take a more calculated approach to combat using long-range weapons or they don’t mind getting their hands dirty with some melee-based attacks.

There will be a total of seven maps available to those that check out Rogue Company in Early Access, as well as 12 Rogues. There will also be several different game modes from casual to competitive playlists.

Starting off each round, players will have just the bare minimum essentials — including a sidearm and unique abilities. Then as they progress in the game, they’ll be able to earn points that can be used to upgrade weapons and gadgets. Thus, the more successful you are, the greater of a competitive advantage you can get over your opponents.

Like a lot of other competitive shooters, players will have plenty of ways to customize their Rogues between matches. For example, they can change their appearance, weapon sprays, and Emotes.

What’s particularly unique about Rogue Company is the fact that it incorporates some elements of battle royale. Rather than players spawning at a certain part of the map like what happens in a lot of competitive shooters, players will drop in and get to decide where they want to start each match.

Can this element alone set Rogue Company apart from the many others? That remains to be seen, but it does look promising based on the visuals and descriptions. There isn’t an official release date for this title at the moment, but you can bet the developer will progress things accordingly based on the feedback they receive during Early Access.

As it stands now, there are three editions available: Starter Founder’s Pack, Standard Founder’s Pack, and Ultimate Founder’s Pack. There is currently a sale on the Ultimate pack, which might be worth checking out if you want access to more Rogues and cosmetic items.