Kenya Moore’s Latest Photo Impresses Fans Who Call Her ‘The Black Barbie’

Kenya Moore’s Latest Photo Impresses Fans Who Call Her ‘The Black Barbie’

Kenya Moore shared a gorgeous photo on her social media account. She looks flawless and fans agree. A lot of people are calling Kenya the Black Barbie.

Someone told her, ‘I love how natural and real you look in this picture,’ and one other follower said: ‘Just take care of you and your family, we Love you Queen.’

Someone else posted this message: ‘queen we miss u too 💛 how’s the lil Kenya is doing,’ and a follower said: ‘I miss you too Kenya!!! ❤️ Hope all is well!! #TeamTwirl.’

A fan posted: ‘@thekenyamoore looking Gone With The Wind Fabulous (Now Twirl)’ and someone else said: ‘@thekenyamoore gorgeous honey ❤️ if you need any help on your team please let me know. We met at your hair care event once. 💛💕 hope you remember me.’

A commenter wrote: ‘@thekenyamoore The one-hit wonder movie Ronnie from playas club trash-talking you, I should twirl on her post smh smh…. Kenya these girls are so fucking jealous of you and it’s almost sad.’

Another follower said: ‘Please show me the fountain of youth your drinking from cause damn girl you look Good amazing,’ and one other fan posted this: ‘You can tell her hair is actually real because you can see some grey hair!’

One Instagrammer posted: ‘Missing seen you and Brooklyn she is growing up so nice.’

Other than this, Kenya Moore had fans talking with this recent photo that she shared on social media. Kenya shared a photo featuring Marc Daly in bed next to their gorgeous daughter, Brooklyn Daly, and he’s reading to the cutie pie.

Kenya shared the pic on Brookie’s own social media account that Kenya created back in 2019 in order to keep the baby’s fans updated on her adventures.

After seeing the new pics, Kenya’s fans assumed that she’s back with Marc Daly.