Hell Let Loose Is Still Free To Play On Steam For One More Day

Hell Let Loose Is Still Free To Play On Steam For One More Day

Hell Let Loose is a promising first-person shooter that has been out since 2019 in Steam‘s Early Access program. Developed by Black Matter Pty Ltd, this multiplayer shooter features a very brutal and realistic World War Two experience. WW2 was one of the most iconic and impactful wars and its essence is captured brilliantly in Hell Let Loose.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out its epic battles featuring tanks, heavy-duty artillery and non-stop action, that’s perfectly okay. Now is your chance thanks to a free play weekend that’s still currently going on.

For those that give this game a shot, they’ll enjoy a lot of new things thanks to the most recent update, Battle of Carentan. It includes a new urban map, new animations, and improved gameplay. Players that have had the chance to check it out already have had a lot of positive things to say. The update makes Hell Let Loose an even more intense and realistic WW2 shooter.

So far, things have been going very smoothly for Hell Let Loose in Early Access. The nine sweeping maps let players relive these historic times like never before, including Omaha Beach and Foy. Battling it out in some 50 vs. 50 multiplayer action also has gone over pretty well judging by player reactions.

Hell Let Loose also has a lot of diversity that keeps the action always fresh. Players can select from one of 14 different roles within infantry, recon, and armour unit types. Whether you’re a medic or machine gunner, you’ll have to play a specific role that impacts the battlefront in a significant way.

Mess up and that could be mean your team’s defeat. The stakes are always high and that makes this game very easy to fall in love with. Every large scale battle is different than the next and there are so many resources and systems to master.

It’s great seeing the developer continuing to refine gameplay and mechanics while still in Early Access. The full version has the potential to be something truly special. Already, Hell Let Loose stands out in a crowded space of first-person shooters.

If you’re anxious to get into the action as an engineer, tank commander, or scout, this weekend is your chance on Steam. For one more day, Hell Let Loose will be completely free to download and play. You can see why so many are raving about its realistic and immersive theater of war, featuring endless combat possibilities.