Jonathan Knight Disclosed That He Wed His Fiancée Harley Rodriguez

The New Kids on the Block singer disclosed to Entertainment Tonight that he secretly got married to his longtime partner Harley Rodriguez.

He acknowledged that they “did” get wedded when questioned about the band he was wearing on that finger. But since everyone assumed we were married, he said, “I never say yes or no because I don’t want to lie.”

Knight, 53, said that he and Rodriguez, 49, wed secretly during the COVID-19 outbreak and have not yet held a public wedding ceremony. It’s coming, he assured her.

Given that their Instagram bios now read Jonathan Knight-Rodriguez and Harley Knight-Rodriguez, the two appear to have adopted one other’s last names. While on vacation in 2016, the singer proposed to the personal trainer.

In an episode of Sirius’ “The Jenny McCarthy Show,” Knight said, “We were in Africa, our parents were there — our mums were there — and I just decided this was the moment to pop the inquiry and make it real.”

He said, “We were on the Zambezi River, which is directly above Victoria Falls. The four of us went on a nocturnal raft supper trip down the river while a hippopotamus could be seen in the distance. A supermoon occurred. It was simply really lovely and wonderful.

The boy band member admitted he wasn’t positive who would propose first when they first started dating in 2008.

That’s the strange thing; it’s always challenging with two people, he remarked. “Like who proposes? Exactly who makes the query? I believe that was the root of our issue. He’s been waiting for me to ask, and I’ve been expecting him to ask.

The musician is enjoying both the return of his HGTV program “Farmhouse Fixer” and the occasion of his marriage. In the show, Jonathan works with interior designer Kristina Crestin to “breathe fresh life” into historic houses.