Shia LaBeouf Claimed That He Is Now A Devout Catholic

After researching for his new movie, “Padre Pio,” Shia LaBeouf said he had converted to Catholicism and joined the Roman Catholic Church.

After a slew of scandals, including allegations of sexual violence and abuse, LaBeouf recalls being in a very sad place as he prepared to play the Italian priest.

On the table, I had a gun. I was outta here,” the 36-year-old “Transformers” actor stated in an interview with Bishop Barron that was posted to YouTube on Thursday.

“When all of this occurred, I no longer desired to be alive. Shame like I had never felt it before—the kind of a shame that makes you lose your breath. You’re lost as to where to go.

In order to get ready for his role as the famous figure, the actor, who recently welcomed his first kid with fiancée Mia Goth, revealed that he began living with Franciscan Capuchin friars. As a result, he became alienated from the rest of society and turned to religion and the religious community for solace.

“The gesture had been made. I couldn’t leave since I was already there. The train’s final stop was at this location. The actor from “Even Stevens” warned Barron that there was nowhere else to go.

“I now realize that God attracted me to Him by utilizing my ego. Taking my attention away from earthly desires. Everything was occurring at once.

However, if I hadn’t thought, “Oh, I’m going to preserve my career,” I wouldn’t have been motivated to get in my car and go up to the monastery.

LaBeouf’s admission follows a string of legal run-ins with the authorities that cost the controversial actor his job in 2020.

After engaging in a physical argument and stealing a man’s hat, the actor was accused of petty theft and violence.

Soon after, his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs filed a lawsuit against him, accusing him of inflicting emotional anguish during their brief relationship as well as sexual violence and assault.