Zara McDermott shocks fans with her ‘regimented’ routine after saying she hates sleeping

Zara McDermott shocks fans with her ‘regimented’ routine after saying she hates sleeping

Zara McDermott shocks fans with her ‘regimented’ routine after saying she hates sleeping

Love Island’s Zara McDermott has revealed she hates going to sleep at night and fears she could be a “workaholic” after showing her extremely “regimented” daily routine

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Zara McDermott shows off what she eats in a day

Love Island’s Zara McDermott fears she could be a “workaholic” after revealing she hates going to sleep at night – opting to work instead.

The reality star turned documentary maker says her brain “works best between 10pm and 1am” and that she gets “zero excitement” from going to bed.

Taking to Instagram, the 25-year-old showed her “regimented” daily routine and explained that she plans every day in 30-minute segments.

Zara, who is in a relationship with Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson, says despite her “tiring” schedule, if she doesn’t do it, she gets “overwhelmed”.

She confessed to sending business emails and work messages at ungodly and “ridiculous” hours after avoiding going to sleep at night.

Zara asked fans if they think she is a “weirdo”


( @zara_mcdermott / Instagram)

Zara and Sam both have busy lives making TV


( @zara_mcdermott / Instagram)

Sharing a snap in bed, Zara quizzed her 1.7million Instagram followers – asking “am I just a complete weirdo?”

“Does anyone else just not enjoy sleep?” she asked. “I sleep because I have to, not because I want to.”

Zara added: “I get zero excitement to get into bed because for some reason my brain works best between the hours of 10pm and 1am which means I often send work messages and emails at ridiculous hours, come up with ideas etc.

“But at the same time I want to go to sleep fast because I have a very regimented to do list tomorrow that I need to tick off every item.

She appeared on Love Island in 2018 alongside Adam Collard


( ITV)

“I’m already excited for my alarm to go off at 7am so I can start getting stuff done. Am I a workaholic? Maybe. I anyone else like this or am I just a complete weirdo?”

She then went on to share a screenshot of her routine tomorrow, which started with a reminder to wake up first thing at 7am.

Zara allows herself just 15 minutes in the morning to “check phone” – catching up on social media or, more likely, checking work emails.

She shared her very “regimented” daily routine


( @zara_mcdermott / Instagram)

Zara fears she could in fact be a “workaholic”


( @zara_mcdermott / Instagram)

After 15 minutes sharp, she can step into the shower for another quarter-of-an-hour before starting her morning skin routine.

She then has half-an-hour to get ready for the gym before working out for exactly one hour, returning home for 9am.

At this point, according to her schedule, Zara can begin work before being allowed breakfast at 10.30am.

The day continues with various work tasks, including a break towards the end of the day to tidy up before it all concludes at 9pm sharp when she can go to sleep.

Zara added: “I plan my days in 30-minute segments. Every single bloody day, it’s tiring but if I don’t do it, I will get stressed and overwhelmed.”

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