Ulrika Jonsson furious after being ‘kicked off dating app Hinge for no reason’

Ulrika Jonsson furious after being ‘kicked off dating app Hinge for no reason’

Ulrika Jonsson furious after being ‘kicked off dating app Hinge for no reason’

TV favourite Ulrika Jonsson has raged against a dating app after she was banned, with the site claiming she had violated their ‘terms of service’ but the Celebs Go Dating star argued she was removed for ‘no reason’

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Ulrika Jonsson discusses marriage and divorce on Lorraine in April

Ulrika Jonsson has hit out at a dating app after she was apparently kicked off the service during her quest for romance.

The former weather woman, 55, had her Hinge account removed for “no reason”, she claimed in an angry Instagram Story post.

Ulrika shared a screenshot which said she has been banned from using Hinge for “violating our Terms of Service.”

The infuriated star wrote over the screenshot: “Nice one @hinge… no reason (maybe you should spend a bit more time banning the countless catfish I’ve had to endure)…. I await your response @hinge.”

The Celebs Go Dating star told The Sun she had “no idea” why she was kicked off the app, but suspected it could be because her account was wrongly reported for impersonating herself.

Ulrika Jonsson is on the hunt for love, but has been barred from Hinge


( Instagram)

The star has no idea why she has been removed from the site


( mirror.co.uk)

The TV star and mum-of-four has been married three times. She tied the knot with cameraman John Turnball in 1990 and divorced five years later.

After a few relationships, including a high profile affair with England football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson, she married Lance Gerrard-Wright in 2003. The couple divorced in October 2006.

Two years later, Ulrika and Brian Monet married. The two stayed together until their split in 2019.

In her column for The Sun, Ulrika spoke on how the decisions to divorce “tortured her soul”.

Ulrika was furious her Hinge account had been removed


( Instagram)

The star is open and candid about her dating life


( mirror.co.uk)

“The run-up to the decisions [to get divorced] had been horrendous — emotionally mangling me, torturing my soul and sharply altering my view of myself and the world,” she said.

In January, Ulrika opened up about her experiences in the dating scene as well as online dating.

She told Heat magazine: “People want to meet up for sex, that’s one thing. But I might not want that.”

Ulrika feels that her lack of experience might make her search for love more difficult.

She said: “Up until less than a year ago, I had never been on a date – ever.

“I live in the backchat of beyond. I go for dog walks, I don’t go out. But I’ve recently tried online dating.

“I was so green when I started – there are so many catfish, and my sister kept telling me, ‘That’s a fake profile!’ Now I am so much wiser.”

Ulrika has been open about her love and sex life, sharing in April that being with younger men can be “electrifying”.

Ulrika Jonsson has appeared on Celebs Go Dating


( Channel 4)

Writing in a piece for the Sun, she said that her approach is that she has “more years behind [her] than in front” so she wants to just “go with the flow” and see what happens.

As a result, she estimates that most of the men she has dated in the past year have been in their mid-twenties, with her writing candidly about her sexual experience.

She said whilst the sex isn’t always “superior” to that with older men, it is a “considerably more varied experience,” adding that there is often “a bit more variety and openness.”

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Ulrika said that can be “electrifying” for a woman over 50 who thought there wasn’t much excitement left in life.

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