Total War: Warhammer 3 Will Receive Significant Changes Tomorrow, According To The Latest Update Trailer

In preparation for the release of its Champions of Chaos DLC and beta access to the expansive Immortal Empires campaign, Creative Assembly has released a new video outlining a huge list of upgrades coming to Total War: Warhammer 3 tomorrow.

The video, titled “Patch Notes 2.0,” details several enhancements and modifications that will be made to the original game and are all free.

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The upgrade firstly adds a number of new game features to Warhammer 3. This includes “Gifts of Chaos,” which provide your chosen side “god-given advantages.” These can include more active perks like additional ammunition for ranged units or more passive ones like improved abilities for particular unit kinds.

Additionally, there is a major settlement layout for vassals and Warband recruiting, which enables you to enlist mercenary soldiers from all of the realms.

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The Realm of Chaos map has also undergone a significant revamp, adding four new provinces for conquest. Additionally, you’ll be able to battle the new Heroes of Chaos that have appeared on the map, despite the fact that the movie makes it clear that they won’t be competing for Urson’s power themselves.

In addition to these technical updates, Warhammer 3 has also seen some cosmetic improvements. The interface for war coordination has been improved, and the options for capturing cities are now complemented by images appropriate to each group.

More generally, the UI of the game has been changed to make it more vibrant, which should help make it easier to read.

Smaller adjustments and bug fixes are covered in the second half of the movie, including making sure that battle replenishment countdown timers are always precise and enabling the construction of friendly outposts outside of province capitals.

The video ends with another noteworthy declaration: “all historical battle material” from the first two Total War: Warhammer games will be transferred to Warhammer 3 for gamers who have entry to the Immortal Empires campaign (i.e., those who possess all three Total War: Warhammer titles).