The Reported DLC For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Should Compensate For The Three Starters, Which Was A Significant Chance Lost

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s release is less than three months away, and many fans can’t wait to begin their journey in the Paldea area with their brand-new friends Fuecoco, Sprigatito, and Quality. Although Gen 9 has released four trailers, not much is known about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s new pocket monsters, with most of the information coming from leaks. In addition, Scarlet and Violet have only formally introduced 12 new Pokemon, which raises several questions compared to earlier games in the Gen 9 series.

According to leaks, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have 105 new species, divided between 84 evolution lines unique to Generation 9 and five cross-gen evolutions, and 16 paradox Pokemon. It has been argued that their name should be interpreted more literally with possibly alternative type combinations from their original versions. Paradox Pokemon were initially considered ancient and future forms of existing creatures. Currently, no leaks suggest the three starters and their evolutions have a Paradox form in Gen 9 games. This is a missed opportunity that possible DLC should address.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield included both Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon. The former was a global trick that any creature could do, while the latter was more similar to Mega Evolutions in that only a small number of pocket monsters could use it. Along with becoming more extensive and gaining access to more powerful moves, gigantamax Pokemon also underwent original form transformations, such as Leon’s Charizard. It was unfortunate that Gen 8 introduced a Gigantamax Charizard but not one for the three Galar starting Pokémon in its initial release.

Even though The Pokemon Company hasn’t said much about this part of the games other than that a few returning creatures will be unique to each game, this would make Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s version exclusives more intriguing than they are today.

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Because players would not only have a tonne of returning Pokemon to catch but also alluring, previously unseen forms, this might further strengthen the argument for a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC addition.