The One Off PS3 Classic Heavenly Sword, Which Might Have Spawned A Franchise, Is Being Remastered Or Followed By PlayStation Aficionados

Since Heavenly Sword is not a PS Plus title, it is a PlayStation exclusive that can only be played on a PS3. Nevertheless, fans still expect Sony to go above and beyond to bring this neglected PS3 game back.

Ninja Theory created and published the 2007 PlayStation-only hack-and-slash game, Heavenly Sword. PlayStation still holds the intellectual property rights to Heavenly Sword, even if Ninja Theory is now an Xbox studio. As a result, the business would be able to remaster the game if it so desired. The PS3 game and many others would benefit from the remake treatment, so this is precisely what fans are waiting for.

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Additionally, it would be beneficial if Heavenly Sword had a potential remaster because it is a PS3 game without trophy support. Supporters of Heavenly Sword contend that the game is underappreciated and should have a sequel or remaster. It features, however, actor Andy Serkis as the antagonist and soon amassed a player following, giving it the potential to launch a series for the PlayStation, much like

God of War did. Despite the game’s brief length, it was well-received and sold over a million copies. According to rumors, the Heavenly Sword sequel would have had an open world with dynamic settings.

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However, Sony scrapped the Heavenly Sword sequel because it did not perceive a chance for commercial gain. Future releases were reportedly in production. Sony may decide to dust off the shelves for a Heavenly Sword sequel since the components for the discarded game have already been made. The option to revisit Sony’s exclusive IPs for upcoming releases would present itself with a remaster.

Heavenly Sword is one of the few PlayStation exclusives that has not received a remaster or sequel, so it is understandable why people are hopeful that the corporation will remember this once-popular game. However, PS3 is not native to PlayStation’s subscription service, which may further drive fans to be protective of the PS3 catalog.