The McDonalds You Remember Is Long Gone—A Thing Of The Past

The McDonalds You Remember Is Long Gone—A Thing Of The Past

The next time you are in the mood for a Big Mac and decide to stop off at your local McDonalds, you might notice some significant changes from the burger joint of old.

In the ongoing effects of the recent nationwide stay at home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, the fast-food industry may never be able to return to the normal that we all knew.

During the pandemic, consumer’s desire for the quick, convenience of fast food never wavered. As a result, McDonald’s was able to keep as much as 99 percent of its 14,000 locations open and operate by scaling back to both drive-thru and delivery options only.

With that said, according to data released from January to March, the corporation lost an estimated six percent in sales. It also did not help that as early as May, many of the franchises still were not permitted to allow dine-in options.

Even though we are starting to see the lifting of dine-in restrictions, as long as a strict set of protocols are followed, expect a few changes when you make your next trip for your french fry fix.

No Service With A Smile

In a dine-in guide that corporate released to all of its restaurants, all employees are now mandated to wear both masks and gloves at all times while on shift. With this new rule, it kind of makes it difficult for the food chain to live up to its famous slogan “service with a smile.” However, with some legislation that may require the use of face shields, it may not be long before you see those friendly smiles once more.

Drinks No Longer Self Served

Be fully prepared to accept that those self-service soda fountains will now be a thing of the past. McDonald’s is going to shut down all their self-serve drink stations in an attempt to cut down on the number of high-volume, continually touched areas in their restaurants. Also, to be enacted, is that each refill from here on out will require the use of a new cup.

Meals Delivered

Gone are the days of hearing your order number called, and stepping up to get your tray. Now, your tray will be brought to you instead. Your purchase will be served double-bagged, and even those items that were always self-service, such as napkins and straws, will be hand-delivered.

There are several other changes on the list, but these are the ones that will be most noticeable. As the world moves towards what will undoubtedly become a new “normal,” it will be interesting to see the effects and changes that are yet to come.

Will this new “normal” set well with those who enjoy a quick meal?