The Agent For Gary Busey Speculates That The Actor May Have Pulled His Pants Down In Front Of The Public In Order To Use The Restroom

After pulling his trousers down recently in front of the media, Gary Busey ‘s agent is extending a benefit of the doubt to the actor.

A representative for Busey, 78, told Page Six on Tuesday that the actor “often sits on the bench in front of his home to relax and stare at the ocean.”

Our only theory is that, given his age, he may have realized he couldn’t make it to the restroom in time, which would account for the events seen on camera while he was sitting on the bench.

On Saturday, a day after he was accused of sex crimes, the paparazzi saw the “Point Break” star in California pulling his pants pulled down across the street from his house. The bench where the incident happened is situated on privately owned land, Busey’s representative emphasized on Page Six.

But because that’s how the footage was recorded, Page Six has established that the event happened in plain sight. In a video, Busey is seen grinning while lounging on a bench close to his Malibu house, wearing black sweatpants down to his knees.

Before untying his pants to properly draw them back up, the actor appeared to cross his hands over his legs. Whether Busey dropped them because he had to go potty is still unknown. But he has undone his pants in front of other people before.

When Busy competed in the 2014 season of “Celebrity Big Brother” in the UK, he got into a violent dispute with a few of the other contestants for removing his pants while the show was being filmed.

“I sit down and restrap my knee when it jumps out on the lateral side. Busey stated on the program that the reason he took his pants down was that you hadn’t visited the doctor. “You haven’t had knee pain.”

Busey doesn’t appear to modify his knee in the paparazzi video from Saturday, but we were unable to determine whether he was dealing with a similar problem.