Ruth Langsford was ‘traumatised’ by son leaving home and felt like ‘womb ripped out’

Ruth Langsford was ‘traumatised’ by son leaving home and felt like ‘womb ripped out’

Ruth Langsford was ‘traumatised’ by son leaving home and felt like ‘womb ripped out’

Ruth Langsford has spoken about the “pain of empty nest syndrome” after son Jack left home for university and left Ruth clutching and ‘smelling his pillow’

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Ruth Langsford has revealed she was traumatised when her son left home for university.

The TV presenter, who has son Jack, 20, with husband Eamonn Holmes, said the upheaval caught her by surprise.

The host of ITV ’s Loose Women added: “I truly understand the pain of empty nest syndrome.

“The day we dropped Jack off at university, we said goodbye and, as we got around the corner, I burst into tears and Eamonn was crying too.

“It sounds dramatic but for the next three days, I felt like I’d had my womb ripped out. It was physical pain.

“I was sitting on his bed, sniffing his pillow, and I kept his bedroom door shut because then I could imagine he was in there. Now it’s great. Jack seems so happy and I don’t get as upset each time he comes home and then leaves again.

Ruth Langsford has said she was ‘traumatised’ by her son leaving home

Ruth Langsford opens up about the pain of an empty nest

“I hope I’ve done a good job as a mum, but who knows? There’s no manual and it’s never over. I don’t care what Jack ends up doing as long as he’s happy.

“There’s too much pressure on youngsters these days, especially from helicopter parents who expect three A* A-levels. At 18, I had no clue what I wanted to do!

“I’ve told Jack, ‘You’ve got the whole of your life ahead of you. If you start this course and realise it’s not for you, never be scared to tell us’. University’s also a life experience.”

Ruth also said she and Eamonn may team up again on screen.

The pair, both 62, were axed as Friday hosts of ITV’s This Morning last month. Ruth told Woman & Home magazine: “I was very sad when This Morning ended. I miss the people, the regularity, working with Eamonn and the gang because I’d worked there for 18 years. But, I still have lots of other work and I am back for a week hosting with Rylan [Clark], who we call our TV son because we’re very close.

Eamonn Holmes, with his wife Ruth Langsford and his son Jack and daughter Rebecca (right)


( Getty Images)

“Eamonn and I aren’t ruling out another long-term hosting gig. We love working together but when you’re a couple and working together, you fall out.

“Just because I’m married to Eamonn, doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says and vice versa.

“When people say ‘We’ve never had a cross word’, I think, ‘God, what a boring relationship you must have’.

“I’m sorry, I know that’s judgemental, but a) I don’t believe it and b) if it’s true, one of you is acquiescing to the other.”

Ruth Langsford is the cover star of Woman & Home

She said she was proud to be working on screen at 62 and that at her age it is about enjoying life.

A dedicated fitness fan – as revealed by her popular social media account – she said keeping her figure in trim was not all plain sailing.

She added: “These days I put on weight much more easily. I’ve a slightly underactive thyroid that’s not medicated, which makes it harder.

“I’m not ready to say, ‘To hell with it, I’m going to eat and drink what I want, and who cares what size I am?’ It’s about trying to find a balance. I try to eat healthily, and take my breakfast, a green juice and my lunch to work, otherwise I end up eating rubbish all day.

“Feeling fabulous is partly about how you look but also about feeling fabulous in your relationship, friendships, career and social life. At this age, it’s about enjoying life. We can compare ourselves to others but what’s the point?”

The October issue of Woman & Home is available from September 1.

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