Porsha Williams Shared A Video That Made Her Smile: ‘Music Feeds The Soul’

Porsha Williams Shared A Video That Made Her Smile: ‘Music Feeds The Soul’

Porsha Williams shared a video on her social media account that has her smiling. She also told her fans that music feeds the soul. Check out the clip that she shared on her IG account.

‘@greektownhotbox Music feeds the soul! This made me smile. 🔥🔥 Tag an artist you can see him playing for in their song/video,’ Porsha captioned her post.


Someone said: ‘We make something outta nothing EVERY TIME! I love us,’ and a follower posted this message: ‘We are so RESILIENT. I LOVE ME SOME US.’

A commenter wrote: ‘God-given talents! Thank you for using your platform to share about him. Hopefully, he is tagged and more blessing will come his way,’ and someone else said: ‘Bob Marley had a quote (one thing about music when it plays you feel no pain) so true vibes.’

A follower said: ‘I’m not sure if his name but this is a Detroit street artist for sure,’ and someone else posted this: ‘So talented !!! It is the ones you least expected!’

A commenter said: ‘he got off! It’s not what you have. It’s how you use what you already have!’ and someone else posted this: ‘Y’all tag @teddyriley1 so he can see how this man ripped it.’

One follower said: ‘I love my people, thank you for sharing @porsha4real this made me smile too.’

In other news, Porsha Williams shared an update about Breonna Taylor that managed to shock a lot of her fans. Check out her recent post below.

‘Can you imagine?🥺 At this point, they know all of this and still, we are at about 126 days since her murder and NO arrest. We Demand #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor ✊🏾’

As you probably know by now, not too long ago, Porsha Williams was arrested following a protest for Breonna Taylor. Now, she’s at home, free, together with her family.