Olivia Rodrigo’s Relationship With DJ Zack Bia Has Fizzled Out And She’s Living The Single Life Again

Olivia Rodrigo has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years because of her music and unique style. However, while things seem to go great for the star on a daily, there may be trouble lurking underneath the surface.

Olivia Rodrigo is one of the women known in the music industry for her songs about her exes. And recently, rumors had sparked off a relationship brewing between DJ Zack Bia and Olivia after a Super Bowl Party. The couple had been casually dating and had not made it serious yet. However, because the relationship had never been serious, a source revealed that the relationship had just run its course.

According to the source, the couple had no real issues. They simply did not work out because of different schedules and different friend groups.

However, an insider had mentioned that the couple liked each other. Before her linking to Zack, she had been paired with Adam Faze who is a producer and used to be an entertainment writer.

Olivia had even introduced Faze to the world as her boyfriend however the split had been confirmed through Olivia unfollowing the personal and professional accounts of Adam Faze. This was later confirmed when Olivia was seen cuddling with Zack Bia.

Olivia first came into the spotlight after her public feud with Joshua Bassett. The two had wonderful on-screen chemistry in the show “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” and this seemed to carry into their real lives. However, Olivia released her famous song “Driver’s License” which sparked rumors of a breakup between the two.

All of this had happened after the appearance of Sabrina Carpenter which led fans to believe she had taken Joshua from Olivia. The whole situation was messy and the drama had been too much for fans to watch. However, in the third season premiere of their show, the cast had been friendly toward each other which led people to believe that the past was now in the past.

Fans are a little disappointed at this new breakup between Olivia and her boo however they ar hoping for some great music from her soon.