NeNe Leakes Decided Not To Pursue Her Case For Discrimination Against Andy Cohen, Bravo, And NBC

NeNe Leakes has, at least temporarily, abandoned her lawsuit alleging discrimination towards Andy Cohen , Bravo, NBC Universal, the network’s parent company, and the production company True Entertainment.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” veteran, 54, petitioned on Friday to drop the lawsuit “without prejudice,” which means she has the right to revive it at a later date, according to legal papers acquired by Page Six.

Leakes’ representatives refused Page Six’s request for comment on a potential plan of action. According to the records, the parties to the lawsuit have decided not to “sue recovery of costs or attorneys’ fees” in the interim.

The case’s resolution typically involves two months after a Page Six article in June said that Leakes had been in talks with Bravo, 54-year-old Cohen, and NBC Universal about settling their dispute without going to trial.

In the past, the defendants have claimed that a clause in one of their contracts stipulated that any disagreements between them would be “subject to arbitration” in New York. Georgia is the location of the recently dismissed lawsuit.

Leakes “disagreed” at the time with the idea of arbitration, according to the motion, but both parties were “in the midst of addressing this issue in an attempt to avoid the time and expense of a request to compel arbitration” through their respective counsel, it was noted.

Leakes has persisted in implying on social media that she sticks by her assertions ever since. In the midst of the continuing lawsuit, she attacked “abusers” and people who “desire power over their victims” in July.

“What they did to me can be seen by everyone! The former “Fashion Police” co-host responded to fans at the time by tweeting, “Nobody is stupid! Additionally, she asserted, “This treatment has been ongoing for yearsss!” Then, just two weeks ago, it seemed like Leakes was aiming at Cohen.

She said on Twitter that “he prevented me from working because I was a threat to his career.” Yet he continued to mistreat me for years.