Maisie Smith’s brilliant response to trolls who labelled her ‘ridiculously vain’

Maisie Smith’s brilliant response to trolls who labelled her ‘ridiculously vain’

Maisie Smith has shown her sassy side after cruel social media trolls labelled her vain.

The EastEnders actress slammed a number of keyboard warriors after they called her out for ‘loving herself’ too much.

Over the weekend, the 19-year-old star received some harsh criticism after she posted a body-confident photograph on Instagram.

The Tiffany Butcher actress posed up a storm in front of the mirror as she showcased her incredibly toned tummy in a graphic yellow crop top.

The flame-haired beauty displayed her killer curves and enviable figure in a pair of high-wasited denim shorts as she told her followers she was embarking on a spring cleaning session in her room.

While the gorgeous star was showered with compliments and praise from the majority of her besotted fanbase, her revealing post wasn’t appreciated by everyone as a number of unimpressed followers insisted that she was ‘too vain’.

“Wow, you’re hot but my god, don’t you just know it! Vain much?” penned one cruel troll.

While a second commented: “Girl put it away. We get it, you think you’re hot! Love yourself a bit too much I think!”.

After receiving an array of negative remarks, Maisie took to her Instagram Stories to call out the hurtful trolls.

Her brilliant response read: “I get a lot of comments saying that I’m vain and that I love myself.

“And you are absolutely right – I do love myself, and it’s taken me a while to feel this way.

“So I’m sooo sorry if my happiness offends anyone because I’m just living my movie, I’m just living happily in my skin,” continued Maisie.

“I think that should be celebrated – not discouraged. Correct me if I’m wrong, guys.”

The much loved star has been incredibly open about her self confidence issues in the past, and recently revealed that her anxiety has magnified during the coronavirus lockdown.

The actress said that her anxieties have flared up as a consequence of being told to stay away from friends, practice social distancing and staying home.

Maisie, who also suffers with body dysmorphia revealed: “It’s a problem a lot of people have and it’s something you can never truly recover from,” the star told The Sun as she discussed her body dysmorphia.

“I’ve started feeling much happier within myself recently but since the lockdown has happened it’s ­definitely magnified my anxiety in a way — which is why I posted that song about body dysmorphia,” she continued.

“I’m trying to share with people that it’s all right and normal right now to not feel OK. I’m not feeling 100 per cent and I don’t think anyone is because it’s a scary time for everyone. So I just thought I would highlight that,” she added.