Machine Gun Kelly Admits His Foot Fetish – Says Megan Fox Has ‘Beautiful’ Feet

Machine Gun Kelly Admits His Foot Fetish – Says Megan Fox Has ‘Beautiful’ Feet

During a new interview with Teen Vogue, Machine Gun Kelly shared his thoughts on what it was like to film the music video for “Bloody Valentine” with his new girlfriend, Megan Fox. The rapper-turned-actor claimed she had the most “beautiful” feet he had ever seen.

As most know by now, MGK and Megan Fox were spotted out in California this past month amid rumors of the actress’ breakup with her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green. In fact, the MGK-Megan sighting is what led to the rumors in the first place.

Around the same time, Mr. Green uploaded an Instagram post featuring a picture of a butterfly on a flower. The actor insinuated with the picture that Megan Fox was a butterfly who didn’t want to spend any more time on the flower due to needing adventure and freedom.

Not long after, it was reported that Megan and Machine Gun Kelly were filming a music video together, and then it was released. Fast forward to today, and MGK is commenting on Megan’s feet, inadvertently leading to a theory regarding the rapper’s sexuality.

Fans now believe the rapper has a penchant for a woman’s feet, which he subsequently confirmed. As it was previously reported, the music video features a shot of Megan’s foot on his face with duct tape over his mouth.

Machine Gun Kelly claimed it was “no secret” that he likes feet, and he believes Megan has some of the best feet he has ever seen. According to Machine Gun Kelly, he told her that he wanted to see her feet, and she claimed she went out and got a pedicure because she knew what he would want.

Fans of MGK and Megan know their relationship has been a subject of conversation ever since it was revealed. This past month, the rapper shared how he and the Jennifer’s Body actress came together to work on the music video.

According to the rapper, he played a bunch of songs for her from his latest record, and just one day before the video shoot began, he called her up on the phone and asked her if she wanted to be in the video.