Katherine Ryan’s family life and rekindled romance with childhood sweetheart

Katherine Ryan’s family life and rekindled romance with childhood sweetheart

Katherine Ryan’s family life and rekindled romance with childhood sweetheart

All That Glitters host Katherine Ryan recently announced she is expecting her third child. Her previous children are from two different partners thanks to a rekindled romance with her civil partner and childhood sweetheart

Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan reunited with her husband after 20 years

Image: Instagram)


Katherine Ryan is back on screens hosting All That Glitters: Britain’s Next Jewellery Star on BBC Two at 9pm.

Recently, the Canadian star excitedly announced she is expecting her third child on her podcast, Katherine Ryan: Telling Everybody Everything.

She said: “You should never tell people your due date. If you never tell them, they can never start hassling you around that time.”

The 39-year-old already has two children to two different fathers, with Katherine reuniting with her current husband over 20 years after they first split.

The father to her first child remains a mystery, but she loves to share her family life with her over 800,000 followers on Instagram.

Who is Katherine Ryan married to?

Katherine is in a civil partnership with Bobby Kootstra


( Instagram)

Katherine is in a civil partnership with Bobby Kootstra, over 20 years after the pair split in their teenage years.

They first broke up because Bobby wanted to focus on his sporting career as he played American football when they were together in high school.

The pair clearly retained their feelings for one another as their romance is now stronger than ever.

In all places, they bumped into one another at a pub after two decades in Canada.

Katherine spoke about her rekindled romance on The One Show last year.

She explained: “Bobby, I loved him. He was the quarterback of the American football team at our school and we went to prom together.

“We split up because he needed to concentrate on football and I was devastated.

Katherine Ryan is expecting her third child


( kathbum/Instagram)

“Then 20 years later I randomly saw him in a pub in Canada and I just loved… I’ve always loved him.

“It sounds silly to say but since telling our story people have got in touch and said, ‘I’ve always loved my high school partner.’

“I feel like your life when it’s ahead of you makes very little sense. It’s a mystery. But when you look at it in reverse you had intuition about things.”

The pair tied the knot in a civil partnership ceremony in 2019 in Denmark and the two have been husband and wife since.

Katherine continued: “He’s just the most wonderful man for me and now we’re married for two years the other day. We got married six months after we bumped into each other again.”

Who is the father of Katherine Ryan’s children?

Katherine Ryan has not revealed the due date for her third child

Katherine’s first child is her daughter 12-year-old daughter Violet, from a previous relationship.

Violet was in Denmark with Katherine and Bobby during their 2019 wedding, and it wasn’t long before the family welcomed a new addition.

In 2020 Fred was born, who Katherine shares with Bobby.

Back in June, she shared a snap of herself and little Fred after the birth to celebrate his first birthday. She captioned the image: “One year ago today. No sweat.”

Just a month later in July 2022, she made the announcement that she and Bobby were expecting another child together.

She said: “You guys know I’m pregnant, I’ve been pregnant for a while and here’s how I did that.

“I got pregnant while breastfeeding the first time I tried and to be honest with you I don’t think it’s going to work because I’m 39 – I would have been 38 when I got pregnant.

“And I thought, ‘We’ve got to get the kids out of the way’. You never know how long you’re gonna have and I love my kids. “I just thought, ‘Well let’s go for it.'”

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