In Its First Gameplay Trailer, Rift Of The Necrodancer Shows Off A Wacky, Rhythmic Spinoff

After making a covert announcement earlier this month, independent game developer Brace Yourself Games has now shown off some Rift of the Necrodancer gameplay.

Of course, the main character, Cadence, is back, but this time around, the action takes place in the current era, and there are enigmatic space-time rifts to deal with.

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If you’ve reached the same conclusion, please stop me, but I’m blaming a Necrodancer.

Rift of the Necrodancer will focus on a diversity of gameplay rather than the rhythmic roguelike dungeon exploring of Crypt, based on how the trailer plays out. However, despite being marketed as an action RPG and combatant, it plainly uses the same Brace Yourself Games-exclusive rhythm game magic.

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Developer Brace Yourself Games tweeted a statement along with the new clip, saying, “The Necrodancer’s back in a brand new rhythm game spinoff, sporting a totally new appearance, modern environment, and soundtrack!” The same trailer is available on YouTube as well.

Rift Mode is the primary game mode in the game. The “rhythmic combat against streams of monsters spilling out of the Rift” is lane-based.

Additionally, there are minigames where you can “assist Cadence in overcoming the obstacles of the modern world,” using yoga as an illustration from the movie. I believe we can all agree that yoga presents a severe problem in today’s society.

Oh, and Rift of the Necrodancer now has a Steam page with a TBD launch date.

Crypt of the Necrodancer received a significant upgrade early this year despite the fact that the game’s first release was in 2015. Chris Thursten awarded it an 87 when we reviewed it when it first came out, and I would contend that it has only become better since then—after all, it now includes mods and a tonne of substantial DLC to chow down on.