Hearthstone Is Introducing A Battlegrounds Season Pass And Premium Currency, But Players Are Underwhelmed

The auto-battler mode in Hearthstone Even among gamers who don’t play Hearthstone regularly, Battlegrounds is still a favorite. On August 30, Blizzard will release Season 2 of Battlegrounds, including two new heroes and quest systems. However, it will also include some features that gamers are less enthusiastic about: premium currency and a premium rewards track to go with it.

However, as stated in Blizzard’s FAQ, “Some products, such Pre-Purchase Bundles, the Hearthstone Tavern Pass, and Packs, will be able to be purchased with money or Runestones.” Real-money transactions in the Hearthstone shop will gradually be replaced by virtual currency known as Runestones. Customers are typically required to purchase more premium currencies than they wish because they are usually sold in amounts that don’t correctly match the prices of the goods in the business. Blizzard states that some Runestone bundles would be sold in quantities that correspond to our key offerings,” however it is unclear what constitutes a minor product.

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Hearthstone’s features lead, Chadd Nervig, attempted to comfort users on Twitter by reassuring them that the shop’s actual costs wouldn’t change and adding that “we’ve chosen Runestone package sizes to closely match the top selling products, and reduce wasted Runestones.” Additionally, he said that using a premium currency makes it simpler to “provide smaller things for sale, like individual BG skins or emotes,” most likely because of how much Apple and other store owners take from each transaction calculated.

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The decision among four heroes should be more about optionality than power, and we’re committed to keeping that balance,” Blizzard declares, to which players respond with a fake laugh. The heroes of Battlegrounds are regarded as being incredibly unbalanced, with Ysera and Heistbaron Togwaggle sitting quite high in the current meta. According to streamer Old Guardian, the odds of getting a better-than-average pick increase to 86 percent when there are four heroes to choose from.