From Sylvester Stallone to Rihanna – stars who changed up their tattoos after break ups

From Sylvester Stallone to Rihanna – stars who changed up their tattoos after break ups

From Sylvester Stallone to Rihanna – stars who changed up their tattoos after break ups

Sylvester Stallone had his tattoo of his wife’s face replaced with one of a dog from his iconic movie Rocky, as it emerged they are divorcing. We take a look at other stars who have changed their ink after break ups

Sylvester Stallone had a tattoo of his wife covered up and replaced with a sketch of a dog

Sylvester Stallone had a tattoo of his wife covered up and replaced with a sketch of a dog



Love may not last forever – but ­tattoos do. When the romance ­fizzles, stars can get that sinking feeling over their ink.

This week Sylvester Stallone was spotted with a tattoo of bull mastif Butkus – the dog owned by Rocky in his hit films – covering up the ink he had of his wife Jennifer Flavin on his right bicep.

And today it emerged Jennifer has filed for divorce.

Here are some other stars who discovered ­heartbreak can be tattoo much to bear…

Johnny Depp

His marriage to Amber Heard has become one of the most toxic in Hollywood history, and Johnny Depp made his feelings clear in the tweak he made to one of his famous inkings.

Sylvester Stallone got a huge bicep tattoo of his wife removed, and replaced with an etching of a dog

Johnny Depp had his tattoo changed in the fallout of his relationship with Amber Heard



The Pirates of the Caribbean star got the work ‘SLIM’ – his nickname for the actress when they were together – etched across his knuckles after they married in 2015.

After Amber filed for divorce 15 months later he changed the tattoo to ‘SCUM’, the later changed it again to ‘SCAM’ complete with a red anarchy symbol.

It’s not the first time the actor, 59, has had to tweak a tattoo after a break up – his ‘Winona Forever’ inking was swiftly changed to read ‘Wino Forever’ after he split with girlfriend Winona Ryder in 1993.

Ariana Grande

Ariane Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged quickly after their first date


( Getty Images for MTV)

They got matching tattoos of each other, which have now been removed


( Getty Images for MTV)

Thank U, Next singer Ariana and comic Pete got engaged almost immediately after their first date in May 2018.

They split five months later but not before getting matching tattoo clouds on their fingers plus “reborn” and “H2GKMO” – Honest to God, knock me out – inked on their thumbs. Ariana also got the word “Pete” on her ring finger.

After the split Pete got his tattoos covered up, while Ariana’s had gone by the time she wed real estate agent Dalton Gomez last year.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen had his ‘Denise’ tattoo on his wrist changed to his catchphrase ‘winning’


( Alamy Stock Photo)

After marrying actress Denise Richards in 2002, the Two And A Half Men star inked his wife’s first name on his left wrist.

But after their toxic divorce four years later he changed it to his famous catchphrase, ‘Winning’. Revealing the new tattoo during his debut radio show Sheen’s Korner, the Hollywood bad boy, 56, held up a bottle named Tiger Blood and ranted: “That is what we’re all doing. Winning.”

For her part, Denise turned the ‘Charlie’ tattoo she had done on her ankle into a pixie.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie got a tattoo of a dragon and ‘Billy Bob’ on her arm


( AFP via Getty Images)

She later got the tattoo replaced with coordinates of where her children were born


( Getty Images)

Angelina used to wear a vial of husband Billy Bob’s blood around her neck and had tattoos dedicated to him.

Her ink included his name above a dragon on her arm.

When their marriage ended in 2002 the actress, 47, had the tattoo removed.

In its place she had a series geographic coordinates etched on, representing the birthplace of each of her kids.

She said: “I’ll never be stupid enough to have a man’s name tattooed on me again” but added the birthplace coordinates of Brad Pitt – who she later divorced in 2016.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria had Tony Parker’s jersey number tattooed on the back of her neck


( AFP/Getty Images)

By the time the former Desperate Housewives star divorced basketball player Tony Parker in 2010 she had not one but three tattoos devoted to him.

She inked their wedding date on her wrist, his jersey number NINE on the back of her neck, and his initials “on a very private, undisclosed location”.

After getting together with new boyfriend, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, she began multiple procedures of painful laser surgery to remove them.


Rihanna & Drake were a couple and got matching shark tattoos, with Rihanna later covering hers up


( REX)

While loved up with Drake in 2016, Rihanna and the rapper got matching shark tattoos after a date at an aquarium in Toronto, Canada, where he had bought her a stuffed shark.

Their on-off relationship came to an end two years later but it wasn’t until last year that fans noticed the tattoo on her left ankle had been changed into a crown.

After splitting with singer Chris Brown in 2009, Rihanna also reclaimed a tattoo, adding more stars to an inking on her neck she had got while they were together.

Zayn Malik

Zayn’s tattoo of Perrie was covered up with dark ink


( Snapchat / Gigi Hadid)

Perrie and Zayn’s four year relationship ended in 2015


( Perrie Edwards/Instagram)

The former One Direction singer inked a cartoon version of Perrie on his biceps in 2013, after he got engaged to the Little Mix star.

But a year after their four-year relationship ended in 2015 fans noticed that the tattoo was no more. A Snapchat posted by new love, supermodel Gigi Hadid, revealed Perrie’s portrait had been covered over with dark ink.

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