Even Though He Has Almost Little HP, One Shrewd Elden Ring Player Manages To Evade The Invader’s Bleeding Finger And Avert A Near Certain Death

After a historic release in February, Elden Ring is currently thought to be the year’s top contender for the most excellent game. According to information made public by the NPD group, the FromSoftware game set multiple records upon its debut and is presently the best-selling game of 2022.

The main selling qualities of Elden Ring are its numerous bosses, mechanics, exploration, and interactive open environment. Players can cooperate in the co-op mode in Elden Ring’s online version, which both players and critics praise. The most demanding bosses in Elden Ring, including Malenia and Maliketh, can be challenging to beat. Therefore this is helpful. In contrast, the PvP mode in Elden Ring enables players to engage in conflict by encroaching on one other’s territory. Unfortunately, as witnessed in a video posted on Reddit, these incursions frequently don’t go as expected.

A player can enter another player’s planet in a brief video that Reddit user Prose001 posted on the website. The user starts the film using Elden Ring’s Rapture motion on the edge of a precipice. However, the gamer is quickly approached by a bloody finger that appears nearby shortly after. Prose001 makes an As You Wish movement as the two are standing face to face, but the invasion disrupts it with a volley of strikes. Finally, the intruder deals Prose001 a terrible blow that almost completely depletes their health meter as they both fall off the small ledge.

Prose001 swiftly downs a Flask of Crimson Tears to restore health, but the invader’s relentless blows overwhelm them. The player decides to go on the offensive and use the Carian Slicer buff instead of obtaining another flask to restore himself when their health bar has nearly reached zero once more. Prose001 abruptly halts his escape and kills the bloodied finger with several precise blows. Naturally, the Reddit Elden Ring community took notice of the post and expressed gratitude by giving it more than 22,000 upvotes daily.