At Gamescom, Dead Island 2 Is Finally Unveiled, And The Follow-Up Will Have A Unique Feature

A gaming studio’s decision to take a while before releasing a new chapter in a series is not unusual. Between a video game and its sequel, years or even decades may pass, yet most frequently, they will finally be released. This applies to Dead Island 2. There were reports that the sequel was stuck in production hell, but it was recently officially unveiled with an awesomely gory trailer. Additionally, Dead Island 2 will have a function that is quite special.

The Alexa Game Control voice activation feature will work with Dead Island 2 from Dambuster Studios. Players will initiate in-game actions via a sequence of “natural and intuitive” voice commands, according to a post on Amazon’s website. This includes having access to NPCs, changing weaponry, using unique combat techniques, and even “goading zombies.” This feature allows gamers to utilize any microphone or headset rather than an Echo device is perhaps the feature that interests people the most. According to reports, the game’s PC and console ports will support this feature.

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Although it’s hardly ever used, voice commands and games have occasionally been combined before. Alexa has been used by several well-known video games, like Skyrim, but in this case, the gadget came with a relatively primitive copy of Bethesda’s epic 2011 blockbuster. It’s unclear whether voice control in Dead Island 2 will be helpful or just a gimmick because it hasn’t taken off in video games.

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The Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live performance included the long-awaited sequel’s official debut. There was more than enough content showcased for lovers of the horror genre, including a new trailer for The Callisto Protocol, the introduction of “Bloody Ties,” the first story-driven DLC for Dying Light 2, and a surprise teaser trailer for the upcoming multiplayer game Killer Klowns from Outer Space, which is inspired on the iconic 1980s movie of the same name.