Amber Heard’s allegations against Johnny Depp in full

Amber Heard’s allegations against Johnny Depp in full

Amber Heard has made a string of allegations against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

She laid them out in full as she gave evidence at his libel trial at London’s High Court.

Depp, 57, is suing News Group Newspapers (NGN) over a headline in The Sun labelling him a “wife beater” over allegations he was physically abusive to his then-wife Heard.

Depp says the claims are “sick and completely untrue”.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has said that he was never abusive to his ex-wife and has claimed that she was the abusive one in their relationship.

He’s accused her of putting out a cigarette in his face and throwing a vodka bottle that severed his finger, among other things.

Heard, 34, denies his counter claims.

The actress alleges that Depp threatened to kill her on a number of occasions.

She said in her witness statement: “[H]e talked about our relationship being ‘dead or alive’ and telling me that death was the only way out of the relationship; the way he would describe what he wanted to do to me if I left him or hurt him (for example, carving my face up so no one else would want me); and in his language towards others who he didn’t like or was threatened by (detailing how he wanted to have someone tortured or how cheap and easy it would be to have someone knocked off).”

She also claims that he would blame all of his actions on a self-created third person, which he would refer to as “the monster”.

Depp has said that Heard used his former cocaine habit, which he referred to as his “Peruvian period”, to paint him as a “monster”.

Heard also alleged in her witness statement that Depp made slurs against actresses and prevented her from taking acting jobs.

She claims: “He made all kinds of demeaning and derogatory comments about actresses (‘two-bit w****s’) and about me wanting to work as an actress.”

She added: “My salary went down every year I was with him because of all the work I was missing.

She also claimed: “He demeaned me anytime I tried to wear anything that could be seen as sexy, calling me a ‘w***e’, ‘s**t’, ‘fame-hungry’ and ‘an attention whore’, but it got worse over time.

“He started saying things like ‘well I’m going to have to watch you get raped’ and ‘I hope you get railed by a bunch of f**king fellas’.”

Heard has claimed that Depp became violent with her for the first time in early 2013 when she mocked the ‘Winona Forever’ tattoo he had changed to ‘Wino Forever’ following his split from ex-fiancée Winona Ryder.

She claims: “We were talking about one of his tattoos, which he had had altered from Winona (his ex- partner) to say ‘Wino’. I laughed at something he said but he must not have meant it as a joke and he hit me with an open hand across my cheek. “

She went on: “[H]e hit me again even harder. It felt like my eye popped out. Johnny wears a lot of rings, one on every finger. This third hit knocked me off balance and I fell to the floor.”

“This was the first time I heard him talk about this other person, ‘the monster’, as he called it,” she added.

Depp has denied that he was ever physically abusive towards Heard.

Heard claims Depp became physically violent again in March 2013.

She said: “He hit me in the face with the back of his hand and drew blood, some of which ended up on the wall. He had silver rings on – he always wore rings – and I think those might have been what drew the blood.”

She added: “Johnny and I exchanged text messages after this incident where he mentioned a book called ‘Disco Bloodbath’ and joked that it could have been about what had happened, calling it a ‘hideous moment’.”

She also said: “We shared two small dogs at the time, Pistol and Boo. He took Boo and held her out of the window of the moving car, as some sort of joke or prank, while he himself was howling like a dog.”

Depp denies being violent and also threatening their dogs.

Another allegation of violence refers to a flight on a private plane from Boston to LA.

She had been filming The Adderall Diaries with James Franco and Depp believed they were having an affair.

Heard said in her witness statement: “At one point, I got up to move elsewhere on the plane and he said, ‘are you f**king walking away from me?’ and he kicked me hard in the back.

“He kept verbally abusing me, saying things like ‘when we land, I can call some black brothers who can f**k you if you’re so desperate for it’.”

She added: “Soon after the incident, on 25 May, Johnny texted me to say: ‘Once again I find myself in a place of shame and regret. Of course, I am sorry. I really don’t know why, or what happened. But I will never do it again. I want to get better for you. And for me. I must. My illness somehow crept up and grabbed me. I can’t do it again. I can’t live like that again. And I know you can’t either. I must get better. And I will. For us both. Starting today. I love you. Again, I am so sorry. So sorry… I love you and feel so bad for letting you down…Yours’.”

Depp says he was told that Heard had been having an affair with her co-star Franco but he denies that he became violent.

He says they argued but he went off to the plane bathroom, where he spent the rest of the flight.

In relation to their trip to Depp’s private island in the Bahamas in August 2014, Heard claims: “At one point during the detox, I think it was on 17 August, he kicked and pushed me so that I fell on the ground and grabbed my hair and slapped me. He was in such a rage that he smashed a door so hard that it splintered.”

Depp tells a different story about that time.

As well as denying being physically abusive, he claims she purposely withheld his detox medication, calling it a “cruel” act.

Heard claims that in January 2015, Depp told her the monster was gone.

She said: “He would write notes declaring his love and making all of these effusive promises that it would never happen again, that he had killed the monster.”

Heard went on to describe her time in Australia in March 2015 as a “hostage situation”.

She said in her statement: “The best way I can describe what happened in Australia is that it was like a three-day hostage situation… Over the course of those three days, there were extreme acts of psychological, physical, emotional and other forms of violence. It is the worst thing I have ever been through. I was left with an injured lip and nose and cuts on my arms.”

She added: “I fell like a rag doll. I got back up and he said something like ‘You want to go? You want to fight, tough guy?’ and he slapped me in the face.”

She claims Depp grabbed her by the neck and shoved her against the fridge, and that she could “smell the whisky on his breath”.

“He said he could crush my neck and told me how easy it would be… Over the course of the day, he kept attacking me – he hit me, pushed me, choked me and spat in my face,” she said.

Heard claims she tried to run away but that Depp grabbed her by her hair and hurled her round, sending her crashing into a ping pong table that collapsed under her.

She said: “He grabbed me by the neck and kept smashing my head against the fridge, saying ‘You f**king do this to me every time; you f**king did this; you f**king make me do this’.”

Her statement continued: “He was pressing so hard on my neck I couldn’t breathe. I was trying to tell him that I couldn’t breathe. I remember thinking he was going to kill me in that moment… He was screaming at me, over and over again, ‘you ruined my life, I hate you, I’m going to f**king kill you and I’ll f**k your corpse’.”

Heard claimed that Depp injured his own finger, but he has claimed that it was she who was violent with her and that she threw a vodka bottle at him, severing his finger.

She said: “He held up his finger and said, ‘look what you made me do!’. It was covered in blood and paint, but I could see the bone.”

Heard claims that in March 2015, she discovered Depp has been cheating on her.

She said: “Soon after Johnny’s return to LA, we got into a big argument because I found messages that showed he was cheating on me. I knew that he had cheated on me before, but I did not think he would have carried on after we were married. I confronted him about it – and he reacted badly.”

Heard has also been accused of cheating.

She also claims that Depp headbutted her during a fight in Los Angeles in 2015.

She said: “The last time I got up, he took a step back from me and then headbutted me, hitting me right in the nose with his forehead. I staggered back, completely stunned and instantly felt a searing pain, my eyes teared up and my nose started bleeding.

“I told him again that this was it, I had enough and I was leaving him. Johnny grabbed me by my throat, pushed me to the floor, and hit me in the back of the head. He grabbed my hair, slapped me in the face, and screamed and swore at me, saying that he was going to kill me.”

She says she had “horrible headaches and pain in my face” for a week after the incident.

She added: “A few days later, on 20 December, Johnny and I spoke about what he had done. I said to him ‘you head-butted me’. I think I was still in disbelief. This caused him to pause and he said, ‘I just gave you a little knock with my head’. He then said he was a ‘f**k up’ and left.”

The court has heard evidence that during this time, Depp turned up at his friend and neighbour’s home to say that Heard ‘liked to hit him’.

His friend, Isaac Baruch, said Depp was almost in tears and that the star would often flee to his home in Hollywood to get away from the relationship.

Heard claims Depp also got physical with her during her 30th birthday party in April 2016.

She said: “I got away from him and back into the bedroom and Johnny pushed me again. I put up my arms to try and defend myself and Johnny pushed them down. Then he squared up to me and bumped his chest into mine, making me stumble backwards onto the bed.

“I tried to plead with him not to be like this on my birthday, then I tried to walk past him to leave the bedroom, but he pushed me to the floor again. Then he walked out of the apartment, smashing things – pictures and photographs – as he went. He’d left me a note: ‘Happy F**king Birthday’.”

It was at this time that faeces was discovered in their marital bed, and what Depp said spelled the end of their marriage.

He believes it was Heard or one of her friends who made the mess, but she has claimed it was actually one of their dogs.

Heard also claims things got violent on May 21, 2016.

She said: “That was the moment he wound up his arm back like he was a baseball pitcher and threw the phone at my face as hard as he could. The phone hit me in the right cheek and eye.”

She added that she was “scared” all the time and that her weight had dropped to 45.3 kilos.

She went on: “Over the years, Johnny threatened me a lot about me leaving him… he would talk about what he would do to me if I left him, such as ‘I will cut up your face so no one will want you ever again’ and about how he knew people who could ‘break a leg, real cheap’.”