What Is Nick Cannon Going To Do Now That He Lost His Job?

What Is Nick Cannon Going To Do Now That He Lost His Job?

As fans of Nick Cannon know by now, he has definitely had a tough week this past week. Page Six reported earlier this month that the Wild’N’Out host lost his job working with ViacomCBS for uttering anti-Semitic and anti-white remarks on his podcast.

In the early hours of Friday morning, the host took to his Twitter to lament of how he has been treated by the black community as well as those who used to employ him. Cannon wrote on his Twitter that it “pained” him to his “core” to know that he “hurt an entire community.”

The media personality claimed he thought it couldn’t get any worse, however, he later realized that many in his own community accused him of being a “sell-out” for saying sorry. He then went on to write “Good night, Enjoy Earth.”

Cannon then marked his tweets from the location, “heaven,” and said he was “out.”

As it was previously reported, Nick interviewed Professor Griff during an episode of Cannon’s Class. Professor Griff was in Public Enemy until he was booted out of the group for uttering hate speech against Jewish people.

During his chat with the former Public Enemy member, Cannon said it was a shame that he lost his job in the group because he was merely “speaking facts.”

Cannon went on to discuss anti-Jewish conspiracy theories surrounding the Jewish family, the Rothchilds, and he also praised Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader, who has been criticized for his litany of anti-Semitic comments.

There’s no question that Cannon lost a lot as a consequence of his actions. He and ViacomCBS – the company that owns MTV and TeenNick – have worked with Cannon for two decades. The organization wrote in their statement that they wouldn’t put up with “hateful speech.”

As most know, Nick Cannon was the host of Wild’N’Out, and also acted as the chairman for TeenNick. Following his firing and the subsequent backlash, Cannon took to his social media to say that he was sorry for denigrating Jewish people, whom he referred to as his brothers and sisters.

Now that the damage has been done, fans have been wondering what Nick will do next, especially after the cryptic tweets shown above.