What Did Terry Crews Mean By ‘Defund Pornhub?’

What Did Terry Crews Mean By ‘Defund Pornhub?’

It was reported earlier today that Terry Crews has taken up a new social cause, although, this one is a lot different from Black Lives Matter and other groups focused on identity politics and racism.

Fans of Crews, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, know he has been in the headlines repeatedly for his remarks regarding the Black Lives Matter protests as well as the importance of not turning the movement into black supremacy.

Crews even took his views to CNN’s Don Lemon, a discussion during which the actor backed up his arguments. Terry is now fighting against PornHub, the internet pornography website that compiles adult-themed videos from all over the industry.

On the 14th of July, Terry took to his Twitter account to fire shots at PornHub. He wrote on his account, “DEFUND PORNHUB @FightTheNewDrug.”

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Crews tagged the organization, Fight The New Drug, a group that says its aim is to provide quality information regarding pornography and the effects it has on people’s lives.

They describe themselves as “non-religious and non-legislative,” and their purpose is to help consumers make an informed decision regarding internet pornography using nothing but science, facts, and the personal experiences of their members.

The response to the star’s social media declaration has definitely been varied, with some arguing that it’s simply adult entertainment, whereas others described their own experiences with relying on websites for their intimacy needs.

To many, the idea of pushing users away from Pornhub and other pornography websites seems ludicrous, especially since most of modern society has accepted there are no health repercussions to masturbation.

One report from Psychology Today suggested there were no studies indicating a deleterious effect on a child’s brain from internet porn use. However, another article from the same publication said there was a correlation between loneliness and increased pornography use.

Furthermore, individuals who regularly watch internet pornography tend to need more and more porn to satisfy the same sexual urges. For that reason, it’s not unreasonable to assume that Terry Crews is encouraging for more interpersonal relationships rather than increased internet pornography usage.