What came next for Club Reps’ Maz – show destroyed life of ‘manager from hell’

What came next for Club Reps’ Maz – show destroyed life of ‘manager from hell’


What came next for Club Reps’ Maz – how show destroyed life of ‘manager from hell’

She seemingly ruled the Club Reps with an iron fist, but once back in the real world, fiery resort manager Marie ‘Maz’ Slater had a rough ride

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At the start of the Noughties, a holiday of binge drinking, bonking and brawling was not to be sniffed at.

And no show encapsulated the bacchanalian orgy quite like the reality series, Club Reps.

From seedy sex games to fishbowls filled with seven bottles of spirits, the show followed holiday makers as they went big in the Greek party town of Faliraki.

But rather than be put off by the Club 18-30s antics, the Thursday night offering saw holiday sales double the next day with viewers keen to enjoy a slice of the smutty pie.

The life of the Club Reps was a debaucherous one

Needless to say, the threesomes, bar crawls, booze cruises and near-constant nakedness were not well received by some, with MP Ann Widdecombe branding the show ‘moral anarchy’ while charity leaders dubbed it the ‘island of sin’.

However, there was one voice of reason amid the boundaryless hedonism, and that was raspy-voiced resort manager Marie ‘Maz’ Slater, then 30.

From constantly pushing targets to threatening to send naughty reps to Crete and even reducing one to tears, the ‘middle manager from hell’ was a hard task-master.

Marie 'Maz' Slater kept the reps in check

“Targets, targets, targets,” were her bywords, and she seemingly sacked those who didn’t measure up to her exacting standards with wild abandon.

In the very first episode, Maz famously booted a young Joe Swash and his mates out of the Hotel Matina as punishment for their feral behaviour.

And when Joe called her ‘Treacle’, Maz’s fury only went up a gear.

“Go and pack your bags and leave the accommodation now please,” she told the rowdy group before marching off.

Maz thought the show would be a positive experience

Maz first met producers at a training day in Manchester, where she was picked out to star in a fly-on-the-wall documentary.

She told the Manchester Evening News she thought it would be a positive programme like Cruising with Jane McDonald, and help her make a bit of cash.

Instead, she was horrified when she saw the final cut.

“I was devastated when I saw how I was portrayed,” she said, insisting she’d been so close to some staff members that they’d called her ‘mum’.

According to Maz, she was extremely close to the reps and was even called 'mum'

“The programme made it look like they hated me.I had a few discipline problems with some of the reps but the series made it seem like I was confronting them every day.”

Realising a life on screen wasn’t for her, she quit the show after just one series and flew home to Manchester. But the legacy of ‘Maz’ was impossible to escape, and the star later said the show had ruined her life.

After being attacked in a restaurant, she refused to leave her house for three months and even needed counselling.

Club Reps saw holiday makers Vanessa and Rachel search for jobs as erotic dancers

“People would come up to me and ask if I really was a bitch. I couldn’t go to the supermarket alone in case I was recognised. The worst incident occurred whilst I was celebrating my friend’s birthday,” she continued.

“We were having a Chinese and a girl came over shouting ‘who do you think you are?’ She tried to hit me.”

Desperate to escape the ghost of her past, she eventually quit tourism altogether and opened a bar in Altrincham, H Nicholsons, and fell pregnant with her first child.

“It’s such a weight off my shoulders to finally leave Maz behind and I’d really like people to finally realise I’m nothing at all like the character reality TV made of me,” she said.