Vicky Pattison shares big boob struggles and jokes one has ‘given up the will to live’

Vicky Pattison shares big boob struggles and jokes one has ‘given up the will to live’

Vicky Pattison shares big boob struggles and jokes one has ‘given up the will to live’

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison shared a relatable post about the trials of having big boobs when wearing particular outfits, as she continued her dream holiday with her family and fiancé

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Vicky Pattinson opens up on her struggles with alcohol

Vicky Pattison hilariously shared her struggles with big boobs, while on an idyllic holiday in Corfu with her fiancé.

The podcaster, 34, shared two snap of herself wearing a plunging shirt tied at the navel, which showed off ample cleavage.

In one picture the Geordie Shore star uses ‘tit tape’ to give her cleavage a lift.

In the paid for ad, Vicky wrote: “I never realise how long lefty is until I look at pics like this… He’s just given up the will to live! Poor bastard! It has been a hard paper round son.”

Vicky then went on to speak about Perky Pear’s products, finishing her post with: “Hope this helps you lovely ladies with larger ladies.”

Vicky compared two photos of her cleavage, one without supportive tit-tape, and another with


( Instagram)

The TV personality has been on a family holiday to Corfu with her fiancé Ercan Ramadan, and has been posting some gorgeous snaps in different swimwear.

The star also revealed while on the get away that she lost a stone after the removal of her contraceptive implant.

On her Instagram Story, the documentary maker was asked: “You have lost so much weight but always post pictures of you scoffing food, how do you do it?”

Vicky shared this image side-by-side of another in a changing room, showing her fans how bodies fluctuate


( Instagram)

The star called for her followers not to let social media define their self worth


( Instagram)

The star replied: “Around a year ago I had my contraceptive implant removed – I did it predominately as I needed to live without synthetic hormones in my body, but it also saw me lose about a stone in 3 months.”

Earlier this month the reality TV veteran urged her followers not to let social media dampen their self worth and that she embraces “normal”.

Vicky shared two photos, one of her in a glamorous brown bikini, posing in the sea, and another in a changing room wearing matching nude underwear.

She wrote: “Same girl, same body, same self worth… “

“This is not a ‘before and after’, not a transformation pic, not a desperate attempt to flog some wonder product.

“This is just a little reminder that all bodies move, fluctuate and can look slightly different from one day to the next and that doesn’t make them any less beautiful or deserving of love.

Vicky went on: “In this first picture I’m spray tanned, wearing a lush bikini, breathing in (obvs) and have planned my angles and body shape meticulously!

Vicky revealed that she had lost a stone in three months

The star has is known for being candid about her body image

“But in the second, my spray tan has seen better days, I’m wearing my fave nude undies from Marks and Sparks which are definitely designed more for comfort that fashion or seduction and I’m just letting it all hang out!”

The brunette beauty said that while she loves social media it has made “perfect” seem normal, and “no one is interested in normal anymore”.

“Whether it’s doing the food shop, walking the dog, having one nail missing or having a squishy tummy… I embrace normal,” she said.

She finished her post by pleading with her fans not to let social media change how they see herself, adding: “Because as we’ve established… most of what you see online is a load of sh**e anyway,” finishing with three laughing emojis.

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