US Government Officials Finally Come Clean—COVID-19 Was Created In A Chinese Lab

US Government Officials Finally Come Clean—COVID-19 Was Created In A Chinese Lab

Ever since the American people first heard the term coronavirus, our government officials have assured us that it was not created in a lab, but in fact, came from nature—as first thought the wet markets within China. Officials stood pat on this assurance up until just 24 hours ago. That is when the government came clean on what the populace already knew.

Health officials have an increasing belief that the COVID-19 virus outbreak originated from a Wuhan lab after all. The news hit on Fox News just sixteen short hours ago. Officials once again assure the public that the virus was created not as a bioweapon, but as an effort to prove that China can identify and combat viruses as great as that of the US.

What have all these false assurances proven? That this may very well be the “costliest government cover-up of all time,” according to one source statement to Fox News.

Now, the story from sources if much different than just a few weeks ago. It is now believed that the primary transmission of the virus—now being said to be stated to be a naturally occurring strain within nature, was being studied in China—was transmitted from bat to human. Officials are now stating that “patient zero” worked at the laboratory where the study was being conducted and is the one who is suspected of being responsible for the virus’s initial introduction into the population of Wuhan.

This newly announced “increased confidence” is being touted as coming from what sources state are classified and open-source documents as well as evidence. However, Fox News has none the less requested the production of the said evidence. This was when sources stated that as is usually the case with any intelligence information, it’s not definitive and should not be considered as so.

What does this all mean and add up to? There has been extensive misleading information in conjunction with COVID-19 when it comes to transparency from the Chinese government. When asked by John Roberts of Fox News about the recent reporting, President Trump offered: “More and more we’re hearing the story…we are doing a very thorough examination of this horrible situation.”

The Chinese originally claimed that the virus originated in the Wuhan wet markets, even given the fact that the wet market’s never sold the bat’s blamed as the source. Sources tell Fox News that this blame was to deflect attention away from the laboratory where the virus was created, and whose efforts failed in containing the virus. This deflection allowed China to further push its propaganda efforts aimed at the US and Italy.

So, the question is–was the virus created in a lab? Do you believe its original intent was as a bio-weapon?