Toya Johnson Is Praying With Fans Amidst These Troubled Times

Toya Johnson Is Praying With Fans Amidst These Troubled Times

Toya Johnson shared a prayer on her social media account amidst these terrible times filled with tragic events. Her followers are also sharing prayers and kind thoughts for those in need in the comments.

Someone commented: ‘The truth is that you have all the power. If you can change your mind, you can change your life. You don’t need any amount of money, connections or education. You just need to be in control of your mind. All you’re really doing is programming your mind. This is the secret so many people overlook in life. The key to success is overcoming your self-limiting beliefs and aligning yourself with the energy you want in life. You can be, do, and have anything.’

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A follower said: ‘@toyajohnson amen, where two or three come together, HE will be in the midst‼️ Praying with you Sis‼️’

A commenter posted this message: ‘If we return to Jesus Christ our Savior as one unity God will hear the prayers of the righteous remember who we are we are Jesus Christ children as I mean the Lord our God the highest praise as we return back to him and turn a plate over let me fast and pray and seek God’s face and white we’re gonna do for the nation and that’s the word for today God bless you.’

Someone else said: ‘May the Lord give you and your family strength on whatever it is that causing you and your family to hurt🙏🏽’

A commenter wrote: ‘Mannnnnn we need God like never before. Each week gets more trying than the previous.’

One other follower said: ‘Lord we really really need you. 2020 just don’t sit right with my spirit. It’s been a really messed up year. Prayers for @tamarbraxton and just anybody dealing with so much heavy stuff.’

You probably know by now that Tamar Braxton reportedly tried to take her own life and she was found by BF David Adefeso in an LA hotel room unconscious. Fans don’t know too much about the subject, but they are beyond devastated.

The Shade Room revealed a cryptic message that she wrote on social media and that is believed to be her suicide note.