The GC admits ‘everything happens for a reason’ after traumatic miscarriage

The GC admits ‘everything happens for a reason’ after traumatic miscarriage


Gemma Collins bravely admits ‘everything happens for a reason’ after traumatic miscarriage

EXCLUSIVE: Former TOWIE star Gemma Collins believes her traumatic miscarriage ‘happened for a reason’ as she opened up about the heartbreaking moment which happened in 2012

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Gemma Collins has put her traumatic miscarriage down to the fact “everything happens for a reason”.

The self-proclaimed diva, 39, bravely opened up about the heartbreaking moment she suffered a miscarriage she knew nothing about in 2012.

The heartbroken star was four months pregnant at the time but she said she had no idea and had to watch her baby die in front of her.

Speaking to Mirror Online about her new Wizz Air campaign, Gem claimed although losing a baby was tragic, she believes it “happened for a reason”.

The GC, who has often talked about wanting to be a mum, explained: “It was very traumatic at the time, it was very shocking actually.”

She hinted it wasn’t quite the right time for a baby in her life. She said: “Time’s a healer. And you know, as sad as it is, everything happens for a reason.

“So it was just one of those things, unfortunately. But hey ho to the future.”

The star went on to explain she dealt with the miscarriage herself, despite finding it hard.

She said: “I was offered counselling and stuff, but I somehow sort of managed to deal with it myself. But there was a lot of support offered at the time.”

Gem also revealed she received a lot of support from her fans for opening up about the devastating life moment, and it has encouraged her to talk about “relatable” issues.

She admitted: “They were very supportive [her fans]. A lot of people reached out to me and it was really positive and lovely.

“My podcast has been going from strength-to-strength and I get a lot of people asking about real life issues and stuff. If I can help people out then I will.”

She added: “I’m not perfect and I do obviously speak to people from the heart, and I think because I’m honest people find me relatable.”

The TOWIE babe, who recently split up with her ex James Argent, also revealed she won’t rule out having kids in the future after the incident.

She said about having children: “One day. It’s not something I’m ruling out. It’s definitely not something I’m ruling out, bring it on you know.”

Gem has previously revealed she wants to have kids before 40.

During her chat with Mirror Online, she also revealed how she’s feeling about returning to work after lockdown.

She recently flew out to Tenerife to film her campaign with Wizz Air which is her first job since a few months ago.

“I’ve got to be honest, it’s been really difficult for me to get back into the fast-paced situation again,” she said.

“I found it really hard and actually I had some healing therapy yesterday. I found getting back into normal life really quite – it’s fab don’t get me wrong – but it’s quite strange stepping back into the madness again.

“We’ve all had three months of lockdown, chilling out. Not having to rush or be anywhere and then all of a sudden, it’s all crazy again.”

Gemma added: “I found that a bit overwhelming, so I had healing therapy yesterday and she basically grounded me back into the earth again. I’m just taking it easy to be honest, I’m slowly going to readjust to normal life.”

But Gemma says the lockdown has made her appreciate things a lot more, as she had time to spend with her family, which is often hard due to her busy work schedule.

“The break for me, I wouldn’t change it for the world. In the beginning I found it weird to stop.

“I was trying to keep myself busy everyday and then I just kind of got into the relaxing side of things and then I was absolutely fine.

“I just sort of went with the flow, and plus I had time to work on myself. I was doing Skinny Jabs, that really helped me with weight loss, I was exercising. It was a reset button.”

“It’s made me appreciate things a lot more. You know, it’s nice to spend quality time with people. I think it’s just made people be a bit more present and appreciate things a bit more.”

The star, who is soon to be busy filming her fourth ITV series of Diva, said she wants to enjoy what’s left of summer before delving back into work.

She chirped: “I’m just sort of waking up again you know. I’m just looking to enjoying what’s left of the summer to be honest and have as much fun as I possibly can.

“I’m the GC baby I’ll be taking over the world!”

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