The Car Surprises A GTA Grand Theft Auto Online Player By Promptly Taking Out A Nearby Bounty Target As Soon As They Step Out Of Their Chopper

Players in GTA Online frequently instigate fights with one another, making the game chaotic. Bounties can be placed on players by both NPCs and other players. Therefore it’s not unusual to see someone running around the map with one. In most cases, they act as a kind of retaliation, inspiring other players to murder the intended victim.

GTA Online features a wide variety of weaponry and armed vehicles, there are many ways to take out a bounty, but they don’t usually get put out of service in such a dramatic fashion. When their abandoned helicopter issued a bounty, one player was just doing business.

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Reddit user Cardington provided a GTA Online gameplay video depicting the occasion. The video starts as Curdington falls to the ground after jumping out of their chopper. They successfully open their parachute and start safely dropping to the ground. If they look closely, they can see the icon of their helicopter on the map slowly advancing towards a bounty target, denoted by the red skull. The aircraft belonging to curdington was also destroyed, and they also received the $1,000 bounty that was tied to the target, all alerts that arrived just as the two symbols crossed over.

Even when a good player is in the pilot’s seat, it’s difficult to intentionally try to crash into a player on the ground with a helicopter or other flying object. Since the plane loses control the instant it is abandoned, and the player’s motions may be unpredictable, it would be tough to deliberately dump a pilotless helicopter on someone; yet, this incident happened entirely by mistake. The startling discovery that they were being crushed or exploded by a chopper falling to the ground must have shocked them.

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San Andreas is plenty of hazards that could endanger a player’s safety, but those who are having fun should keep an eye on the sky above them in case one of GTA Online’s helicopters comes tumbling down nearby.