Shia LaBeouf spotted on jog after FKA Twigs files lawsuit alleging abuse

Shia LaBeouf spotted on jog after FKA Twigs files lawsuit alleging abuse


Shia LaBeouf spotted on jog after FKA Twigs files lawsuit alleging abuse

Shia LaBeouf is being sued by ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs, real name Tahliah Barnett, who accuses him of sexual battery, assault, and infliction of emotional distress during their romantic relationship

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Shia LaBeouf has been spotted out on a jog after ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs filed a lawsuit against him.

The Hollywood actor, 34, was seen out wearing a baseball cap, jacket, and hoodie as he went out for the exercise.

LaBeouf was seen sporting a dark beard and donned sportswear on his legs.

The snaps come after music star FKA Twigs, real name Tahliah Barnett, has accused him of sexual battery, assault, and infliction of emotional distress while they were in a romantic relationship from 2018 to May 2019.

In court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior court according to the New York Times, the singer claims LaBeouf knowingly infected her with an STD and also alleges that he attempted strangled her and once slammed her against a car.

In documents seen by The US Sun, FKA Twigs’ lawsuit also claims that there was a “threatening presence of loaded firearms throughout LaBeouf’s home” and that he “refused to allow Tahliah to sleep with any clothing on.”

They also add that LaBeouf “demanded Tahliah join him while he watched documentaries about murdered women before bed.”

The Mirror has reached out to representatives of Shia LaBeouf for comment on these allegations.

Speaking directly to her followers on social media on Friday, FKA Twigs wrote on Twitter : “It may be surprising to you to learn that i was in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. It was hard for me to process too, during and after i never thought something like this would happen to me.

“Which is why i have decided it’s important for me to talk about it and try to help people understand that when you are under the coercive control of an abuser or in an intimate partner violent relationship leaving doesn’t feel like a safe or achievable option.”

She added: “My second worst nightmare is being forced to share with the world that i am a survivor of domestic violence my first worst nightmare is not telling anyone and knowing that i could have helped even just one person by sharing my story

“Here are some amazing charities and helplines that i recommend donating to and calling if you or somebody you know needs support… @freefromorg@ndvh@Sistah_Space,” she concluded.

In an email to the New York Times, LaBeouf broadly addressed his past behaviour towards FKA Twigs and another former girlfriend, noting he had: “been abusive to myself and everyone round me for years”.

He added: “I’m not in any position to tell anyone how my behaviour made them feel.”

The actor continued: “I have no excuses for my alcoholism or aggression, only rationalizations…. I have a history of hurting the people closest to me. I’m ashamed of that history and am sorry to those I hurt. There is nothing else I can really say.”

A subsequent email saw him claim that “many of the allegations are not true” but said he would give people “the opportunity to air their statements publicly and accept accountability for those things I have done”.

LaBeouf added that he is sober and part of a “12-step program” and is “committed to doing what I need to do to recover”.

FKA Twigs’ lawyer Bryan Freedman claimed that the singer tried to resolve the situation with LaBeouf in private if he sought to receive “meaningful and consistent psychological treatment.”

However, he added that this was not agreed by LaBeouf and says his client took action to prevent others “suffering similar abuse”.

LaBeouf had met on the set of film Honey Boy in 2018 following his marriage to British actress Mia Goth.

FKA Twigs had previously been in a relationship with British actor Robert Pattinson.