Shaun Ryder’s net worth and health update as singer turns 60 ‘on more pills then ever’

Shaun Ryder’s net worth and health update as singer turns 60 ‘on more pills then ever’

Shaun Ryder’s net worth and health update as singer turns 60 ‘on more pills then ever’

Shaun Ryder turns 60 today and the musician is busy celebrating it on social media. In recent months, he has also been opening up about his health concerns as Happy Mondays pulls out of their 2022 tour

Shaun Ryder

Shaun Ryder marks his 60th birthday today

Shaun Ryder is celebrating his 60th birthday today, sharing an image of himself from back in his younger days on social media.

On Instagram, the rocker wrote: “Happy 60th Birthday to Shaun today!!”

The musician is keeping busy, as his Happy Mondays days are not behind him quite yet.

However, “unforeseen circumstances” have forced the band to make some last-minutes changes to their 2022 plans.

Shaun, whose brother died recently, has also been speaking about his health over the last few months, with the star admitting he is “on more pills now” than back in his prime.

It isn’t helped by his fans though, as some are still offering him “a line” when he nips to the shops.

What is Shaun Ryder doing now?

Shaun Ryder is still playing with Happy Mondays


( MCPIX/REX/Shutterstock)

After years of performing, Shaun Ryder is still at it with his rock band Happy Mondays.

Their next gig is at Ease Festival in Suffolk on August 26, with tickets still available via

However, all their following dates have been cancelled from October 7 until December 4.

Back in February, Happy Mondays confirmed the news, saying in a statement: “Due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to tour this autumn.

“We’re really sorry to mess people about and we have tried to look at a suitable rescheduled period but with ongoing Covid issues and date availabilities this just isn’t possible.

“The good news is that we are coming to Glasgow to play at Summer Nights at the Bandstand on Wednesday August 3.”

Shaun Ryder’s health update

Shaun Ryder has been open about his health in recent interviews


( Adam Gerrard / Daily Mirror)

In June, Shaun opened up about his health, though he made sure to keep a positive attitude about it.

He told the Daily Star: “It’s because I don’t have a thyroid, mine was underactive which makes you fat and bald, but once that goes then everything starts to grate down and you have to take lots of tablets.

“And I don’t produce testosterone now so I’m on more pills now than I was in 1988.”

Shaun has been dealing with health concerns for years now, as he previously admitted to discovering non-cancerous cysts in his testicles.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “I had one, now I’ve got f***ing two, and they are an absolute pain. I just keep taking the tablets and painkillers as they are hitting the nerves in my bollocks.”

It was the Covid-19 lockdowns at the time meaning he couldn’t undergo surgery to have them removed.

Shaun Ryder with Happy Mondays


( Ken McKay/REX/Shutterstock)

Thankfully, he went for a check and got the all-clear from cancer, adding: “They did cancer tests – I got the all-clear.”

Shaun was known for his drug habits back in his heyday, as fans like to remind him.

In his 2022 autobiography, How To Be A Rock Star, he revealed fans still offer him “a line” of cocaine when heading out for some shopping.

He said: “I still get people coming up to me in Asda or TK Maxx offering me a line, for f***’s sake. ‘I’m nearly 60, mate, and you really think I want to do a line in TK Maxx on a Tuesday afternoon?’

“Sometimes I’ll just laugh, sometimes it winds me up — it depends what mood I’m in.”

What is Shaun Ryder’s net worth?

Reports on Shaun’s net worth have varied over the years, though according to, he has an estimated value of $3million (£2.5million) as of 2021.

The website also states that his annual salary is around $670,000 (£569,310), with the bulk of it likely coming from his tours.

It isn’t clear what Shaun’s net worth is as of 2022.

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