Safaree Shares A Motivational Message For His Followers

Safaree Shares A Motivational Message For His Followers

Safaree recently posted a motivational message for his followers on social media. Fans are showing their gratitude to Erica Mena’s hubby in the comments.

Here’s the photo that Safaree shared along with the message for his followers.

‘You don’t need others to believe in you when you believe in yaself!! So if they say no or try to block you just say “Fu#^ you Imma still do my thing 👍🏾’ Safaree said.

Someone commented this: ‘Just need to maintain now bruh… little from this we cant recognize you,’ and one other follower said: ‘OMG….Yo, this dude sick coz his head bigger than his body now.’

One other follower said: ‘live by those words and always move in silence,’ and someone else posted this: ‘@safaree… I like how you chizzled your body out instead of bulking up… You look real good my dude… Yes believe in ya mf self.’

One other follower said: ‘@safaree make your next move be your best move and choose which lane is right for you,’ and a follower posted this message: ‘That’s right Safaree do not even pay them any attention you already know they are JEALOUS PERIOD keep doing what you’re doing.’

In other news, Safaree shared an important message for his fans on social media. He’s telling people to remain safe together with their loved ones. Check out his message below.

‘AIN’T nothing outside…. don’t be fooled! Stay y’all asses inside until this matrix is over with and lock in with the ppl who always been in ya corner‼️🙏🏾’ Safaree told his fans.

Fans appreciated his post, and they made sure to flood his social media with kind words.

Safaree is living his best life these days with his wife Erica Mena and their amazing baby girl. Fans are still waiting to get to know the young lady – Safaree and Erica have been keeping the baby’s life private so far.