Rihanna Trolled For Responding To 2017 Tweets Regarding A Fenty Product Launch

Rihanna Trolled For Responding To 2017 Tweets Regarding A Fenty Product Launch

Rihanna is obviously really happy about her new company, Fenty, because she recently called back on a tweet from 2017 to talk about her new product. On the 14th of July, Riri revealed she would be introducing yet another skincare line as part of her Fenty brand.

The performing artist wrote on her account that she had a brand new product launch on the 31st of July. Rihanna went on to ask her fans and followers to give her their email so she could get them started on their shopping right away.

For years, fans have believed their favorite artist would be participating in the skin-care industry. The star first addressed the idea of a skincare line back in 2017, not long after she launched Fenty Beauty, a competitor to Kim Kardashian’s brand, KKW Beauty.

Either way, Rihanna has been responding to tweets, some of them 2-3 years old, and fans are trashing her on Twitter for it. On the 22nd of October, 2017, a fan wrote that if Rihanna came out with a skincare line for men, he would change his middle name to Robyn.

On Tuesday, Riri responded by saying that whoever told him that skincare had a gender was a liar and also flat-out wrong. As most know, Rihanna has been largely missing from the public eye for the last year and a half.

However, her name has been in the headlines in a tangential way, including when Drake was reportedly in Barbados partying, and social media users joked that he was probably on the islands looking for Riri.

People on Twitter and Instagram joked that Drake still had feelings for Rihanna, and he was likely in Barbados for the sole purpose of searching for her. As fans of his know, Rihanna and Drake were in a brief relationship in 2016, however, they’ve remained good friends since then, although, some reports have argued the opposite.

Rihanna and Drake frequently flirt on social media, and fans wholeheartedly believe the Toronto rapper is still madly in love with her. These days, Drake has a new baby momma, Sophie Brussaux, so maybe he has simply moved on.