Reports: NFL looking into Saturday games

Reports: NFL looking into Saturday games

If college football Saturdays shift to the fall, the NFL is planning to fill the football void by dominating autumn weekends, according to reports.

College football could be set for a schedule that begins in the spring due to concerns over the coronavirus. If conferences continue to push plans for the 2020 season into next spring, the NFL is planning to add a significant number of Saturday games, per reports.

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The NFL typically introduces Saturday games for the final weeks of the regular season as the college football schedule narrows to bowl games.

The Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961 prohibited the NFL from scheduling games on Saturdays during college football season, and disallowed planning Friday night games during high school football season.

The Big Ten officially moved its college football season to spring 2021 on Tuesday.

According to published reports, the Pac-12 is planning to follow suit. –Field Level Media ()