Reginae Carter Shares A Prayer On Social Media

Reginae Carter Shares A Prayer On Social Media

Lil Wayne and Toya Johnson’s daughter, Reginae Carter shared a prayer on her social media account. Fans are here for it and they offer her complete support.

Someone told Nae: ‘This is the time for repentance wholeheartedly and build your relationship with GOD 😊’ and another follower said: ‘THANK you, FATHER, for EVERYDAY that you keep allowing us to wake up and be healthy and in our right mines and for having a roof over our heads and to be able to put food on our plates AMEN.’

Nae shared another post:

Someone said: ‘Right there on the other end of your prayers baby FU*K THE ENEMY. Don’t be shaken you on the side with THEE ALMIGHTY GOD! Keep praying standing and believing beautiful SagittariusButterflyKiss markHigh voltage sign.’

A follower posted this: ‘His name is JESUS! He is the rock that will not roll. He will comfort us in times like this. Call him sweety! He loves you and will protect you! His word says so!’

One other commenter wrote: ‘You just gotta keep your circle small with people who value you and your experiences without personal gain. It’s hard, especially in your position but it’s doable.’

Other than this, Reginae Carter dropped her clothes and showed off her beach body in the bathroom. Lil Wayne’s daughter looks amazing, and her fans also appreciated her toned body.

Toya Johnson‘s daughter definitely managed to impress a lot of her fans with this racy outfit.