Nia Long Has A Classy Clapback For 50 Cent Who Disrespected Black Women

Nia Long Has A Classy Clapback For 50 Cent Who Disrespected Black Women

Some people, including Nia Long, remember the insensitive comment that 50 Cent recently made about black women while talking to Lil Wayne during an appearance on the Young Money Radio show.

While laughing with Lil Wayne, 50 stated: “They get mad. They get angry. You see it a lot of sisters go ‘you f*ck with this kind of girl and that kind of girl?’ That sh*t is exotic! That sh*t looks a lot different than the sh*t in the neighborhood all of the time. That sh*t looks like it came off a boat.”

Nia has a new movie called Fatal Affair with Omar Epps, and 50 Cent has decided to promote it.

The rapper shared a trailer of the movie with this caption: “I’m gonna check this out, but i hope Nia ain’t acting crazy in this sh*t. LOL, #bransoncognac.”

The actress stepped in the comment section to remind 50 Cent of what he said. Nia stated: “Love you, and I guess black women are exotic. I appreciate the support!!!”

Many fans reacted to the comments by saying: “Black women should ijust go where they are appreciated and least rest alone. We should withdraw our support from those who continue to disrespect us. Ladies…💓 Follow @simplysheneka 💓 a place where black women are uplifted & respected. 💓”

One person said: “That’s sad to even make that comment. It proves that we aren’t appreciated like we should be. Smh.”

A backer claimed: “So black men that don’t appreciate us are our only option? We have to settle for that? No thanks. 😂”

This follower revealed: “She just said go where you feel appreciated she never insinuated that black men were excluded from that. By saying “not all black men” is kind of problematic cause you generalized them by saying not all.”

Another social media user wrote: “Omar was the funniest “crazy villain” I’ve ever seen in a movie 🤣 I laughed every time he was supposed to be scary 🤣50 the only man yall afraid to cancel… because he keeps “Petty” stuff alive anybody else woulda been dragged through the mud !!!

This Instagrammer shared: “Stop this begging nonsense. Black women is 2020 and y’all letting clownery like this get to you and feeding into it. He’s definatly given you a backhanded compliment sis. That’s not really supporting.50 cent shows more love to strangers than he do his own.”

Nia does not play.