”Men Nowadays Feel ”Paralyzed,” Pamela Anderson Says — Does She Have a Point?

”Men Nowadays Feel ”Paralyzed,” Pamela Anderson Says — Does She Have a Point?

In an interview with Australia’s Maxime magazine, Pamela Anderson opined that the ”progressive” society nowadays could be ”paralyzing” for men as they feel uncertain how to approach a woman without being accused of sexual harassment.

The 52-year former Baywatch star asserted that she would very much prefer to be ”treated as a woman,” highlighting that it is a ”slippery slope” these days. It is tough for men now to decipher what they can and cannot do, as our society is judging them too quickly, the actress noted.

She also argued that equality does not mean that men have to be ”feminized.” Equality does not mean feminization, Anderson said, adding that the men should be sensitive, strong, wise, and kind.

Asked how a man could impress her, the 52-year old newly-wed said that every person in our lives is a journey into the unknown, and she would like a man to show her something new to win her over.

However, she admitted that each new relationship is about trust in the wildness. Sometimes it could take more time, confidence, and an in-depth look into the big picture.

Going further, Pamela Anderson admitted she has increased interest in male psychology and reads a lot of literature on this topic. She co-parents two sons, Brandon, 23, and Dylan, 22, with her ex-husband Tommy Lee.

The blonde beauty also discussed the continuously expanding #metoo campaign. In her view, it is essential to be ”careful” when around people in power. She also paid attention to the importance of family upbringing and communication within the family in that regard, saying that it’s parents’ job to ”teach respect with respect.”

Last week, Pamela Anderson tied the knot for the fifth time with the Hollywood movie mogul John Peters, the producer on Bradley Cooper’s 2019 Oscar-winning movie ”A Star Is Born.”

The couple was romantically involved thirty years ago but reunited a few months ago. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the 74-year-old Peters admitted that he had wanted Pamela as his wife since they first met. He also noted that she drives him crazy in a good way as there is so much more about her personality than meets the eye. Pamela Anderson’s son Brandon said he was happy and thrilled for the new family, wishing them all the best.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Pamela Anderson’s statement that society nowadays makes men feel ”paralyzed”?