Master P Says Nick Cannon Shouldn’t Have Apologized For What He Said About Jews

Master P Says Nick Cannon Shouldn’t Have Apologized For What He Said About Jews

Master P thinks Nick Cannon handled his ViacomCBS firing poorly. In fact, the performing artist claims Nick never should’ve apologized for what he said in the first place.

During a conversation with TMZ reporters in Beverly Hills this week, the No Limit icon explained why he thought Nick made a mistake after he agreed with Professor Griff regarding his comments that got him fired from Public Enemy in the late 1980s.

As it was previously reported, Griff lost his job with the band after he suggested that the Jews were responsible for much of the world’s misery and war. Nick agreed with him during an episode of his YouTube series, Cannon’s Class.

When asked what he thought of what Nick had to say, Master P refused to comment, however, he did say that he “hated” that Nick apologized. Master P went on to claim Nick “should’ve had done that.”

The hip-hop icon pointed out that Nick only had to apologize because he needed his job. Put simply, Nick doesn’t own the rights to the programs in which he appears, including Wild’N’Out, which is owned by MTV via ViacomCBS. Master P suggested it would’ve been better if Nick owned the rights to the programs in which he has starred.

You can check out what Master P had to say in the YouTube video below:

Nick’s ViacomCBS firing has caused controversy on a number of levels, not only for the anti-Semitic nature of his remarks but also for his subsequent apology. In fact, earlier this weekend, Cannon took to his Twitter account to say the black community turned on him.

Cannon said on his Twitter account that he thought it “couldn’t get any worse,” however, he discovered black people’s purported thoughts on his firing and apology and was shocked to see they weren’t in his corner.

Moreover, fans online became concerned by the nature of his tweets, which appeared to suggest he was going to commit suicide. For instance, Nick used the “location” feature to say he had gone to “heaven,” and he also stated he was going to leave the “planet” for the rest of humanity.