Lucy Mecklenburgh hits back at troll in row over breast-pumping in public

Lucy Mecklenburgh hits back at troll in row over breast-pumping in public

Lucy Mecklenburgh has jumped to the defence of fellow mum Stacey Solomon in a row over public breast-pumping.

Lucy, who gave birth to son Roman four months back, slammed a Twitter critic commenting on a clip from one of Stacey’s Loose Women appearances.

Stacey, who has three kids including one year old Rex, was discussing with her fellow panellists whether it’s acceptable for mums to pump breast milk in public for their hungry babies.

“I don’t have anything against any woman who wants to pump in public,” she told.

“I don’t think anybody realises what’s behind it. Some people pump just to have a night off, or a break, which I think is well bloomin’ deserved.

“Some people have to do it. Some people’s babies are intolerant to milk, some people’s babies want to breastfeed so badly that it’s not working and they have to pump.

“There are so many reasons why you might be pumping, so to sit there and judge these women who can be going through hell and back just to feed their baby and to try and be the mother that they want to be, I just think is cruel.”

A Twitter user didn’t agree, thinking that public pumping should be kept out of restaurants.

“They do need feeding, but not when I’m eating!” the critic wrote.

Lucy was having none of it, penning: “Wow!! So u can eat in a restaurant but a hungry baby can’t?!”

Lucy and fiance Ryan Thomas welcomed tot Roman back in March.

She’s always been open about her experiences as a new mum, including how she’s found breastfeeding.

Roman had a tongue-tie at birth, which made breastfeeding difficult before it was snipped, adn was diagnosed with Cows’ Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA).

Lucy previously opened up to fans: “Honestly we have had a tough few months! It was so hard to see him in pain but post tongue tie being cut and cmpa being diagnosed he’s just the happiest baby so I’m happy.”

She added: “I plan to breastfeed over a year or as long as it’s something we both want to do.”

Asked if this means she’s “against formula”, Lucy replied: “Absolutely not!!!