Lord Sugar wages war on Piers and Spencer Morgan after Gerard Houllier spat

Lord Sugar wages war on Piers and Spencer Morgan after Gerard Houllier spat


Lord Alan Sugar wages Twitter war on Piers and Spencer Morgan after Gerard Houllier spat

The Apprentice star caused a furore with his tweet about the former Liverpool manager, who passed away at the age of 73 on Monday

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Lord Alan Sugar has hit back at Piers Morgan and his son Spencer – who he told to ‘shut the f**k up’ – after the fallout from his tweet about Gerard Houllier yesterday.

The Apprentice star drew criticism after making his tribute post about the former Liverpool manager into a dig at his showbiz nemesis Morgan.

As the news broke that Houllier had died at the age of 73 on Monday, Lord Sugar tweeted: “Sad news on Gérard Houlier. Nice fellow. I can imagine that @piersmorgan will devote half @gmb [Good Morning Britain] show telling every one how he knew him so well and [they] go back ages.”

The post sparked a huge backlash with Piers’ son Spencer weighing in to the row.

“Using a man’s death to have a pop at someone else. New low,” he snapped.

Lord Sugar has now defended his controversial tweet and insisted he had only been speaking the truth.

“You can’t get lower than your father,” the businessman told Spencer. “I know it hurts to see the truth. Now be a good little boy and shut the f… up.”

Lord Sugar has a long history of spats with Good Morning Britain host Morgan with the pair trading insults across social media.

However, the mogul’s latest jibe drew backlash from a host of other famous faces as he mocked Piers’ relationship with late manager Houllier.

Jamie Carragher was one of the first to chime in, after playing under Houllier for six years at Liverpool.

“Delete this you f****** idiot,” the grieving star told Lord Sugar.

While BBC presenter Dan Walker replied: “There is a time and a place Lord Sugar. May I humbly suggest that this is neither the time nor the place.”

The row came days after Lord Sugar gleefully teased Piers for being exposed as a ‘covidiot’ when he was snapped getting in a taxi without a mandatory face mask over the weekend.

Piers admitted his mistake but assured he had only been without a covering for a ‘few seconds’ as photographers took photos.