Lady Gaga Showcases Baja East Parka And Chromatica Face Mask As She Promotes Coronavirus Safety

Lady Gaga Showcases Baja East Parka And Chromatica Face Mask As She Promotes Coronavirus Safety

Lady Gaga has been using her social media platform to encourage people to stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. Though many thought the worst was past and that the pandemic was winding down, the deadly, novel virus has seen a surge. Lady Gaga is encouraging people to stay safe and wear a face mask. She’s also encouraging people to express their own creativity and unique, individual style while doing so. Sharing a photo of herself wearing a Chromatica face mask and posting it on Instagram, where she has 42.8 million followers, Lady Gaga’s picture got plenty of love. With over one million likes, Lady Gaga tagged people such as former president Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, Oprah, Tony Bennett, and Ariana Grande. She also tagged her mom and used the hashtag #KindlyMask.

Lady Gaga looked cool as she always does with her blonde hair parted down the middle as she stared into the camera. She didn’t wear any heavy makeup looks, such as she does with her own makeup line Haus Labs.

Lady Gaga shared the following caption with the photo that you may see below.

“Be yourself, but wear a mask! I believe in being kind to yourself, the community, and the planet. I challenge my awesome friends to show off their mask game! ❤️ @barackobama @michelleobama @oprah @arianagrande @itstonybennett #KindlyMask cc: @momgerm

In addition to the face mask, Lady Gaga is making fashion news for wearing the Baja East Parka with High Priestess that retails for approximately $545. Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself wearing the garment including the hood. The cotton/knit parka is patterned after the High Priestess tarot card. You may see Lady Gaga wearing the outfit below.

What do you think about Lady Gaga’s latest looks? Do you like the Chromatica face mask? Have you found a way to make your face mask an expression of your personality? What do you think about the Baja East High Priestess parka?

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