Kylie Jenner slammed over Stormi ‘choking hazard’ as they flaunt matching manicures

Kylie Jenner slammed over Stormi ‘choking hazard’ as they flaunt matching manicures

Kylie Jenner slammed over Stormi ‘choking hazard’ as they flaunt matching manicures

Kylie Jenner has been slammed once again after the Kardashians star shared a video of her and her daughter getting their nails done – weeks after the makeup mogul was branded a “climate criminal”

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Kylie Jenner gets her nails done with her daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner has been the subject of criticism after the Kardashians star shared a video of her with her daughter Stormi.

Makeup mogul Kylie, 24, was accused of “dangerous” parenting as she shared a video of herself and her daughter getting their nails done at a salon on Tuesday.

The clip, which mum-of-two Kylie, who recently showed off her leg scar, shared on her TikTok page, shows a montage of the different stages of her getting her latest nail look.

Kylie’s nails included a nude pink colour and she had diamantés stuck to the tips. Meanwhile, her four-year-old daughter was also treated to a bit of paper time, too.

At the end of the clip the mother and daughter duo placed their hands next to one another to show off their polished manicures.

And fans saw that Stormi opted for an orange nail colour and also had the gems fastened on to her nails also.

Kylie Jenner has come under fire after getting her daughter Stormi’s nails done


( Kylie Jenner/Instagram)

As Disney Plus star Kylie shared the video on her TikTok account, she wrote in the caption: “Nails with bestie”.

But critics were not impressed with the video, as some event accused Kylie of “dangerous” parenting as the gems could be a choking hazard if they came loose.

One sarcastically quipped on Reddit, according to The Sun: “Lemme just glue some choking hazards on my toddler’s hands.”

“Y’all it’s the babies nails,” another said.


( Tik Tok)

Kylie showed off her and Stormi’s matching manicures


( Tik Tok)

But, some defended Kylie as one wrote: “No hate to you but this is a reach- the most those gems will do if ingested is come out in her poop and she’ll be s***ting diamonds as we all know the KJ’s do.”

“Lol Stormi is 4 and a half, not a toddler anymore,” another said.

While others said the nails were “unhygienic” as one said: “I find long nails so unhygienic and gross, but you do you lol. I can’t see how you can take care of a baby with long nails either”.

Kylie shares her two children with Travis Scott


( Getty Images)

“I was thinking how annoying those nails would be to change diapers in multiple times a day, she must not be,” another added.

“Imagine changing a poopy diaper with those… as if she has,” a third wrote.

Meanwhile other fans joked the stick on gems were real diamonds. One said: “Let me guess it’s real diamonds”.

“Pov : it’s real diamond,” another added while a third wrote: “bet you those are real diamonds”.

It comes after Kylie cape under fire last month after taking a 12 minute trip on her private jet.

Kylie Jenner was recently branded a ‘climate criminal’


( Kylie Jenner/Instagram)

Kylie opted for a private jet trip rather than a 30 minute drive


( Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

Kylie was branded a “climate criminal” as she decided against a half hour car journey and instead hopped on her luxury ‘Kylie Air’ flight, which she had to drive 30 minutes in the opposite direction to board.

Later, Kylie posted a black and white photo of herself and beau Travis Scott posing in front of their jets, which she captioned: “You wanna take mine or yours?”

This enraged people on Twitter as one wrote: “i don’t think billionaires like kylie jenner give a toss about their carbon footprint, as long as their jets get them to places they’re good”.

Another added: “A 15 min flight on a private plane uses 116.74 gallons of fuel & emits 1 ton of carbon dioxide. @KylieJenner @KimKardashian @Oprah @trvisXX are just a few wealthy idiots who don’t care about our environment!”

“climate change is literally happening in-front of our eyes like vegas and Kansas are flooded. Europeans are literally dying in heat and you got kylie jenner posing in her private jet after people called her out on it as a “serve” like… okay lady,” a third penned.

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