Kevin Hunter Jr. Has Denied Charging $100K On His Mother Wendy William’s AmEx Account And Claims That Wells Fargo Froze Her Account For No Real Reason

Rumors have been circulating the internet that Wendy Williams is being robbed of money. However, although many people may think it’s an outside job, some people think her only son Kevin Hunter Jr. is the one causing all the financial troubles.

An insider to the family has claimed that it was her son himself who had taken out the large sum of money from his mother’s account. Kevin wanted to keep the money usage away from his mother’s knowledge and asked advisors if they could cover up the statements.

According to the same source, the unexplained sum of money followed by Wendy William’s behavior toward her former attorney LaShawn Thomas in the Wells Fargo bank was the reason that the bank had frozen her account.

Hunter Jr. has denied all the allegations in a statement saying “I vehemently deny any allegations of unauthorized use of my mother’s American Express Card. This is a false narrative perpetuated to justify freezing her accounts.” Thomas has denied having anything to do with Wendy’s account being frozen.

In her statement, she mentioned that she had met Wendy at the Wells Fargo bank and Wendy had asked to gain access to her accounts. However, when they had asked for access, they had been denied but the bank manager said he would ask the advisers. He had called her up her long-time financial advisor Lori Schiller who had claimed that she needed to walk to Wendy alone.

Wendy had claimed that she wished to speak to Lori with her attorney yet had been denied her request. Because of this intense interaction, the bank had to take precautions because they believed other people did have access to Wendy’s accounts.

Wendy Williams has been granted a financial guardian over her money. Her manager Will Selby is claiming that he is trying to remove any doubts that the bank has and that too many people have gotten involved with the financial affairs of Wendy Williams.

Hunter Jr. has been very close with his mother since his father left. However, the relationship between them has been rumored to be not so great.